In Turre Love Takes Many Forms

The impatiently expected and worldwide announced Valentine Art Show took place this morning in Turre, Andalucia, in the new gallery “El Retiro”. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, everybody was in a great mood: todo perfecto to celebrate that divine institution which is LOVE!

El Retiro in Love

The Boss of The Valentine Competition

The ‘boss’ being the one with the red votes book and the hat. In the foreground, Kev Moore in his Rocker outfit, unfortunately not well captured by the camera(much to his dismay!).

My Valentine artwork is called “Love Wave”, on the top right hand side of the photo below. Our friend Emmanuel Baliyanga from Rwanda exhibited “Birds in Love”, top left hand-side. And Rocker Kev Moore presented his Valentine Duval with the heart-shaped guitar, obscured by me.(also much to his dismay!)

Miki den El Retiro, devant "Birds in Love", "Love wave" et "Valentine Duval"
Miki in El Retiro, in front of “Birds in Love”, “Love Wave” and “Valentine Duval”

Kev Moore and Valentine Duval in El Retiro

My friend Pamela Allegretto from Connecticut, USA was also present with her lovely painting”Island Love”, on the top right hand side on the photo below. Next to it on the left, a brilliant piece called “The Heart of The Cabrera Mountain”, which is the one Kevin voted for. The Cabrera mountain is in front of our windows!
Miki in El Retiro devant "Island Love" and "The Heart of The Cabrera Mountain"
Miki in El Retiro in front of “Island Love” and “The Heart of The Cabrera Mountain”
The owners of “El Retiro” Barbara and Curtis, Miki and Kev Moore

Not being allowed to vote for my friends -which of course I would have done 1000 times if the judge Curtis were not taking care of cheaters- neither for myself – I am generally not that small-minded, but there is a prize of a Valentine dinner for two at stake, so ones morals are tough to keep under control!- I voted for Number 3. But it was really difficult to make a choice, there were so many other pieces I love, Especially the heart-shaped Quiche Lorraine prepared by the owner of my favourite local restaurant “The Pasty Shack”.

Les Coeurs du Retiro
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2 Responses to “In Turre Love Takes Many Forms”

  1. Pamela Allegretto Franz Says:

    What a LOVEly exhibit. Thank you for allowing me to participate. That art all looks fabulous and so do you and Kev.

  2. Vishnu Says:

    Thos girl beatfull love me call karo 9661087484

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