2011 Valentines Countdown 01: I’ll be OK…

I'll be OK... - by Miki

The Valentines Countdown today is dedicated to all people in the world who are actually not with  their sweetheart to celebrate Valentine together, or who haven’t got a sweetheart at all… I know many people in this situation, and I feel immensely sorry fro them, from the bottom of my heart. If I had a magic wand I would change that…

I want to say to these people, especially the ones who haven;t got any love partner, that they should not lose the hope. I met my wonderful partner exactly in a moment when I less expected it, and in fact when I had decided to stop looking for it. Love is there, in each tiniest corner of our space-time, and there is enough of it for anybody. But to get it, I think it is very important to always keep the eyes and especially the mind open for new ideas,  experiences and adventures. And also trust fate, and  let it make its job, as fate is quite good at “planning” the right encounters…. :-)…


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