Benidorm - by Miki

An older painting of mines, which I found the other day and finished. As far as I can see -I rarely remember how I did this sort of paintings, they look very complicated and spontaneous- it started with aimlessly putting wild colours on a tinted paper and then letting fate and inspiration and creativity play together. The result was a view of Benidorm, a sea town on the Costa Blanca in Spain. The town where I spent all my holidays with my family since I was a baby, a long long time ago. It did not look like that then, about 55 years ago… it was an idyllic place and I adored to go there. This is the only place in the world where I have some roots left, probably deeply buried under the buildings. but still there. My parents have still a wonderful flat there, and spend half the year there. But I personally nowadays, not too keen of going partying the whole night, I much more prefer little peaceful towns, like Turre, where we live now.

Benidorm is normally a white town, meaning the millions of skyscrapers are white. But when one loves colours as much as I do, no way I could paint a white Benidorm. And of course there is more than one little blue car… in fact Benidorm id a nightmare, there are cars and buses and taxis and bikes and pedestrians everywhere and each one of them thinks that he has priority, wherever he stands! When I go there, I always wonder that there are no more accidents…

Anyway, here it is, the town of my roots.. I wonder if somebody would be able to recognize it!


One Response to “Benidorm”

  1. Pamela Allegretto Franz Says:

    Great painting. I love the fact that you turned this “white” town into a party of bold colors.

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