Stuck in the bullring…

If some of my followers think I am being lazy lately, not presenting new artworks, well, I was not! It’s is just that once again I was stuck in the bullring!

A creation for Curtis Helm,  the owner of the Art Gallery “El Retiro”, in Turre, (Andalusia, Spain) to commemorate my bullfight paintings exhibition on the 28th of January 2011.

El Retiro de Los Toros - by Miki

If you want to read about the background of this painting and see a photo of Curtis and me with the painting, just go to my blog “Amour Toro“.

Also I was busy with a big bullfight painting on commission for an American client. I think it is finished, but well, right now waiting for the client’s approval…

“Seeing Red” – Acrylics on canvas – 185 x 155 cm.

Having said that, I do feel a little bit lazy these days… what I urgently need is a good trip, and it seems that we will be on the road again, soon, in about 4 weeks, direction France and Italy! Can’t wait to make some new travel sketches!


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