Nuclear Wind

Nuclear Wind - by Miki

Acrylics on grey Fine Art Paper.

Apart from painting the bulls, These days I am revisiting my past, making photos or scans of older works. A big job, as I have hundreds of them, from a time where I was not presenting my work on the net and consequently was not bothered about their digitalisation. It is not easy for an artist to decide, which ones are worth, and which ones not. In fact I never take this decision myself, knowing very well that my judgement about my own work most of the time does not correspond to the public taste. When I paint new stuff, I do publish everything, independently how good or bad I find it. But with previous works, above all when there are so many, it is a dilemma, considering that I do not want to spend the present time totally in the past. The result is a rather a random choice, depending almost uniquely on what comes first under my hand.

Anyway: today is the turn of “Nuclear Wind”… and there was, if I remember well, really some nuclear wind blowing through my life…  🙂

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