Citadelle Andalouse

Citadelle Andalouse bis - by Miki

Acrylics on Watercolour Paper

This is in fact a photo-shopped version of my original miniature painting “Citadelle Andalouse”, and it was an accident. For some from me unknown reasons some of the original colours lost their saturation and turned to grey. And I must say: I love the result! I often forget what a great “tool” the colour grey is, when it is juxtaposed to some warm colours like red, yellow, orange… it enhances them in a very elegant way, and give the whole painting a mysterious atmosphere.

The other effects in the painting are just the result of a special personal technique… don’t ask the recipe, it is a secret!

I will only repeat it: when you paint, let fate and nature do their job, they are your best assistants!

Well, if you want a print (available on paper or canvas and in different sizes) or a greeting card of this painting, just click on the widget below

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