The Art of Survival

I am immensely proud to announce that my African Godson and wonderful artist Emmanuel Baliyanga is making the cover of our local English spoken magazine “The Sentinella” with one of his marvellous paintings “Senegalese Woman” of an African woman carrying a baby

The Sentinella – March 2011 Edition

But not only that. The Sentinella was so kind to publish an article I wrote, “A Modern Way of Humanitarian Help: The Art of Survival”, telling the story of my encounter with Emmanuel. It is indeed an interesting and exciting story, as Emmanuel is originally from Rwanda, and had to flee the Genocide after all 10 members of his family were killed.  Actually working occasionally for a book publishing company in Cameroon, he contacted me for the first time some months ago to ask my permission to use one of my Obama portrait paintings for the cover of a book in homage to Obama.

Here is a screen shot of the article in The Sentinella

Emmanuel Baliyanga and Miki in The Sentinella

But to be able to read it more comfortably, and anyway to browse through the whole magazine (do it, it is packed with exciting articles!), go please to the Edition online.

Even better:  if you live in our area (Turre, Provincia de Almeria, Andalusia, Spain” pick up a printed edition at your local bar, cafe or supermarket. And don’t forget to tell The Sentinella what you think about it, they love to get feedback!


2 Responses to “The Art of Survival”

  1. Pamela Allegretto Franz Says:

    What an extraordinary cover painting. I can’t wait to recieve my copy of the magazine.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Not sure if you know, but Tiger Woods is not a south-paw, he is a right-handed and plays Golf right-handed. In your rendition of him you have the glove on his right hand, it should be on his left hand, and finishing the swing to his right side, when it should be to his left side.

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