Moore and Moore…

Gary Moore - by Miki

Just some weeks ago, on February the 6th 2011, the famous Irish blues rock guitarist and singer Gary Moore died of a suspected heart attack in his hotel room while on holiday in Estepona, Spain. Only some hundred kilometres down the coast from us. We were both very shocked and spent the next few days listening to his music and getting the blues…

The day after he passed away, I made a portrait of Gary Moore, not meant to be a very realistic one, just a basic but heart-felt impression of him. A portrait which, I think, says it all about his total dedication to music.

This month, our beloved local magazine. “The Sentinella” (with the cute slogan “The little mag which fits in your bag”) published an article written by Kev Moore in honour of Gary Moore and illustrated by my painting.

This is only a screen shot of the on-line edition, but if you want to see and read the article in its context, just go there please:

The Semtinella – Mojacar edition online

to page 14. You can also take time to browse, there is loads of interesting stuff in that little mag!

The day after I published the painting in my blog about my portraits artwork, I was contacted by a woman from the USA, writing me following words:

“…My father raised me on the greats; jeff beck, gary moore, kim simmons. When he told me of his passing I could hear the crack in his voice. His birthday is February 13 and I would really love to purchase a print for him. Please let me know as soon as possible how much I can buy one for and where to get it! I would love to contact you directly so that I can get quicker shipping and get it to him soon!! He would love this to complete his extensive collection and to honor a great! Bravo!…”

She purchased the print for her father through my Fine Art America gallery, the very first one I sold. I sent them a certificate verifying

that it was the first print, and some days ago I received the following wonderful photo of her Dad with the print and the certificate on the wall. A very touching moment for me!

Keith Coleman. - Oregon, USA

My special thanks go here to Veronica, for choosing my painting as a birthday gift for her Dad, and to Angela, her Mom, for sending me the birthday photos. And also to her Dad, Keith for having such a great  taste in music !  🙂


2 Responses to “Moore and Moore…”

  1. Pamela Allegretto Franz Says:

    What a beautiful story and equally beautiful painting. Brava!

  2. shelleymhouse Says:

    This is such a touching story, Miki. Thank you for sharing it.

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