The Art of Cycling 02 : Breaking Away

Cycling 02: Breaking Away - by Miki

Acrylics on canvas – 100 x 100 cm – 2011

After the painting “Time Lines” painted on commission for a Spanish client, a professional from the Spanish Cycling World, I have decided to paint 2 or 3 more cycling themes. Cycling, and especially the “Tour de France”. has been an important part of my childhood.

I painted this one in pure impressionist style. I thought that this would render best what I wanted to express: the speed, the movement, but also the essence of cycling from the point of view of a spectator. No interest in details, and especially not in the technical details of a bicycle!

Also, being French, I thought it was time to give my contribution to the wonderful world of impressionism. It is indeed my very first painting in this style. Considering the fun I had doing it, it won’t be the last one. Also it is a challenge, and I love challenges: the challenge being not to step over the line, the line beyond which the impressionism starts to become realism.

My next cycling painting will be mainly in this style.. coming soon!

The original is currently for sale. If you are interested, contact me. And if you want a print (on paper or canvas and many different sizes available) just click on the widget below

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