Hermann The German

Herman The German, Kev Moore and Miki in El Retiro in Turre, Andalusia

We went today to our local Art Gallery, El Retiro, to attend the weekly exhibition -congratulations, by the way, to the exhibiting artist Eileen Ward  -, and I had the pleasure to meet “Hermann The German”, a  Banjo player and singer who lives around here. Apart from enjoying listening to him, I was also quite happy to speak to a German guy again, as I spent most of my adult life in Germany. Unfortunately I did not dare to speak German, although it is a language I had mastered perfectly not a long time ago. But since I met Kevin, I speak and listen to English 88% of the time, and my active German is totally fading away. Such a pity for me, as I loved the German language.

Anyway, it was great to speak and to listen to Herman The German, under our wonderful Spanish sun… coming originally from the North of Germany,somewhere between Hamburg and Lubeck, he also knew the Meyer Werft, the big ship-building company from Papenburg, Emsland, where I used to live for a long time. A place I did love. I went quite emotional as he mentioned the Meyer Werft!

So here he is, Herman the German, our local Banjo player! No way I would not try to paint him as soon as possible, such a wonderful character!

Herman The German - By Miki

And if you want a print (on paper or canvas and many different sizes available) just click on the widget below

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5 Responses to “Hermann The German”

  1. Pamela Allegretto Franz Says:

    You and Kev look fabulous! And Herman the German is indeed a wonderful character. But how did you ever do this painting so fast? You never cease to amaze me. You have certainly captured Herman’s personal. Brava!!!

  2. curtis helm Says:

    fantastic painting of hermann and very quick, can you tell me what date we set for kevs exhibition x

  3. Hermann Wachtel Says:

    Into the mirror I don’t look so often –
    but the guy on your painting is definitly me.
    At first I lost my words, what really does happen very seldom. After taking breath I may say
    “Miki, the art of your painting is brilliant, I like it, I’d like to see more of your paintings. Isn’t possible to see them in an exhibition in the Retiro?”
    For sure I would like to have a copy. But there’s no doubt, I’ll meet you somewhere around here.
    I’m looking forward to that.

  4. Miki Says:

    Hola Hermann,

    how nice to find your comment, I was very pleased!
    Into the mirror I don’t look so often either… at least not into the outer mirror! 🙂
    I am happy you like your portrait…
    You will see me around, of course, but not in the next 2 months, except if you are going to Italy too?
    When we are back, I will organize a copy of the painting for you, it is too late now, I hope you will be around.
    We will also come to one of your gigs then..

    Mach’s gut

  5. ivdanu Says:

    Great paintings, great pjhoto & great life, Miki & Kev! Greatings…after a long time without computer (I bought finally an iMac)… Hope to be visiting you, on the internet, from time to time…

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