This is terrible… Pinetop is gone!

Kevin (Kev Moore for the ignorant who still don’t know to whom my heart belongs  🙂   ), just coming back from a professional meeting, was looking at his emails as I suddenly heard him saying

“Oh no…”

I looked at him. He was quite pale, and one tear was (really…) rolling down his cheek… Knowing my guy, I asked

“Who died?”

In a very low and sweet voice he answered


This was a terrible moment for us. We met Pinetop Perkins in Austin in February 2010, by accident, he was just sitting next to us at Nuno’s on 6th Street, ready to go on stage. We had no idea that Pinetop was living in Austin, and even less that he was performing at Nuno’s sometimes. How lucky we have been!!!! But you’d better go to Kevin’s site and read about it, he can tell all these things much better than me. He wrote a song in his honour, “96 on 6th”…, and even made an artwork featuring Pinetop Perkins… all this to see and listen to on Moore:Music.

Some months ago I even did an artwork commemorating our music nights in the USA, and on one of them, one can even see Pinetop. A fun painting though, featuring him, Barack Obama and Jerry Lee Lewis gigging together on the 3 pianos of the entrance hall of the Gibson factory in Memphis

Memphis Nights 04 - by Miki

Pinetop is, of course, the one on the left side wearing the orange trousers and the white shirt…

I just received an email from a French friend, to whom we brought the last Pinetop CD last year, signed by hand.He says

“… S’il existe effectivement un autre monde, j’espère qu’il y a un piano qui l’attend.”

“… if another world does exist, I hope there is a piano there waiting for him…”

Wonderfully said!

Pinetop Perkins ' last CD, handsigned by him in Austin in February 2010

Bye Bye Pinetop, we love you so much!


2 Responses to “This is terrible… Pinetop is gone!”

  1. Pamela Allegretto Franz Says:

    This is indeed sad news to lose such an amazing music legend. How fortunate you were to have met him and listen to him play in person. Kevin’s song: “96 on 6th” is a wonderful tribute this music icon. He will me greatly missed.

  2. Joël Says:

    Chère Miki,
    Lorsque tu m’as appris cette terrible nouvelle, je n’ai pas honte de dire que j’ai pleuré moi aussi… Pinetop représentait tant pour moi et tu devines mieux que quiconque que j’ai passé un long moment à réécouter sa musique.
    Hier soir, je suis allé voir Status Quo, groupe mythique de boogie-rock, et je n’ai pu m’empêcher de penser à Pinetop et à l’héritage musical qu’il nous laisse.
    Merci à vous deux pour le merveilleux hommage que vous lui avez fait, Kevin et son excellent “96 on 6th” et toi avec cette superbe peinture.

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