Cycloscape 01: The Lonely Rider

Cycloscape 01 - by Miki

Some days ago I posted here “Blues United”, my latest acrylics cycling painting, and announced some new works in my “scapes” technique, that mix between classical and digital art. A technique I quite love because it is faster (and I am an impatient artist…), but also because it allows to add some structure and colour effects, more difficult to reach with traditional pens or brushes.

Concerning the results, some people prefer a full classical technique, because it looks more real, has  more physical substance. Truth is that a paints structure on a canvas is something very beautiful, sensual even. For the eyes, and also for the fingers when one is allowed to touch the painting… which I allowed myself… and my closest friends perhaps!  🙂

On the other side that mixed  technique allows more vibrancy. The artworks look often quite surreal, like from a dream world, or a parallel world to our normal reality.. in fact exactly like something from the cyberspace, what it is, somehow! And some people love everything cyber… personally I love all techniques, and which one I prefer depends only on my daily mood and my actual connection to the real world, which I sometimes like to lose…   🙂

If you want to purchase a print of my lonely rider (on paper or canvas and many different sizes available) just click on the widget below

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One Response to “Cycloscape 01: The Lonely Rider”

  1. Hermann Wachtel Says:

    “Poor boy, what a cruel job you got”
    was the first I thought, when I’d seen your painting.
    I was remembered to my old friend Felix, who did cycle-racing for more than fifty years.
    Miki, you got it!
    At the most, you got the atmosphere, the hard breathing, concentration to the peak, willing to win, not knowing, where you really are . . .
    Wonderfull, you got it!

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