The Italian Job 02 – Santa Margherita

Miki sketching in Italy in Santa Margherita

We arrived in Santa Margherita, an enchanting little town about 25 kilometres  south of Genova on the 3rd of April 2011 and spent some days there. It was strategically well situated, allowing us to make some bike rides along the coast on both directions. This place was where Kevin used to join Ocean Village on occasion, the cruise ship on which he performed a solo rock show before we met. The ship would dock out in the bay and ferry the people to and fro to Santa Margherita by the ship’s tenders.

Here I was confronted with massive American tourism, most of them arriving by sea on the big cruise ships. While I was sketching on that rock, and the arriving AmericanS were dIsembarking behind me, I was thinking: one day , on one of my trips, an American will come to me and recognise me! The fact is that I have many clients in the USA, especially through my Giclee prints gallery in Fine Art America. This would be fun!

Santa Margherita 07 – Travel sketch by Miki

Perhaps you can recognise that this sketch was done exactly in the moment when Kevin took the photo! One of the rare sketches I could do outside that day, as I was freezing! And also after the American landing, it had become much too busy and I was no more able to concentrate on sketching.

Santa Margherita 01 – Travel sketch by Miki

So we had our first encounter with Italian coffee, in form of a Latte Macchiato in a beautiful Cafe full of cookies and stuff which looked incredibly appetising! It was quite hard to resist. And on the way back to Boo, we bought Italian bread, from a friendly bakery, and this was also a big revelation: we just adored it!

Cafe Life In Santa Margherita – Travel sketch by Miki

As I said, we spent some days there, and I managed to do some more sketches. You can see all of them in my FAA gallery. And also buy some prints if you want, they are available there directly online in many different sizes, on paper or canvas, and also as Greeting cards.

Photography Prints

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