Italian Shoes 01

Italian Shoes 01 - by Miki

At some point in Italy  I realised that Italian shoes are a wonderful motif for still life paintings. I don’t remember where I consciously noticed them for the first time but I think it was in the South of Tuscany, in Pienza, as I am not a passionate fan of shopping, and certainly not of fashion. To tell the truth, I hate shopping and fashion!!!! But now,  from the artistic point of view, I wished I would have opened my brain and eyes to that kind of stuff a little bit earlier. At least I was so lucky to have Kevin with me,  he is all the contrary of me regarding fashion, he especially loves his shoes. So I really could not avoid to see that world wonder… I was especially attracted by all these different shoes in red, white and green, the colours of the Italian flag. They are so much fun!!!!

In Pienza, and later on in Montepulciano, I started doing some sketches featuring shoes and bags the way they were exhibited in the many shop windows. I will publish them gradually, after finishing the original sketches. With it I am not pretending being faithful in all details to the Italian elegance, my art works are just impressions, like most of the time, above all focussing on colour, unusual shapes, contrast. Also I was rarely comfortable sketching, as the shops were usually full of tourists eager to spend their money for one or more pairs of these artworks (I mean the shoes, not my paintings!!!!!)  🙂  So I hope I won’t get any complaint from these excellent Italian shoe designers!!!

If you fancy to get such shoes and had no opportunity to get some so far, I can’t sell you the shoes, but you can purchase Giclee prints (in many different sizes, on paper or canvas) and greetings cards of these paintings in my Fine Art America Gallery. They might even been cheaper than the shoes themselves,and you get even 3 pairs and some bags for the price of one!

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