Welcome to Italy

Welcome to Italy 01 - by Miki

Restaurant entrance – seen and painted in Pisa, if I remember well…)

. At some point, as we were in Italy, I got bored to paint all these big and colourful houses and landscapes, and I stated opening my eyes to otehr motifs. One of them was the Italian Shoes, of which I made a mini series. “Welcome to Italy” is the most recent one.

Most of the paintings  done  in watercolour and ink, more or less from life,  and featuring shops, restaurants, cafes from Italy, mainly Tuscany. I loved the way they make their places attractive, really inviting the client to come in..

Welcome to Italy 03 - by Miki

Kids clothes shop – seen and painted in Santa Margherita – The little girl was in fact a doll, one of these wood mannequins without legs, or better said, with one wooden leg in the middle. I thought 2 legs would be more attractive…

Welcome to Italy 04 - by Miki

seen and painted in Greve in Chianti. I was delighted by the scene, especially by the shop scooter. And also by the shop owner with her broom…

Welcome to Italy 05 - by Miki

Bag and hats shop – Seen and painted in Pietrasanta. It looked exactly like that, a part from the girl, whom I invented. And probably she was there too, but in the back room at that moment.

Welcome to Italy 08 - by Miki

Seen and painted obviously in Chianti, but I don’t remember exactly where. Well, when I say “seen”, I mean the chicken. They stood outside a shop, they were made out of wood but looked quite  drunk… this is why the special composition with the bottle and the glass!

All these paintings are available as Giclee prints in many dimensions and as Greeting Cards. If you are interested to purchase some,  visit my Fine Art America Gallery or drop me a line

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    […] of  “Dolce Vita”. This is why I started a series of paintings on the trip called “Welcome to italy”, all featuring some of the most attractive shops and restaurants I saw on my […]

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