Togetherness in Old Age in Italy

Together old in Italy 01 - by Miki

Travel sketch in ink and watercolour. From the new series “Togetherness and Loneliness in Old Age”.

I spotted these 2 ladies on a bench in Lucca, on the promenade on the city wall. I was delighted by the expressions in their faces, also by the contrast between their black clothes and their faces and the coloured background. I did a quick sketch, but in the heat of the moment, listening to all these secrets they were telling each other, i forgot to take a photograph to refer too later.. Well, just a sketch, but quite funny I think, and quite typical for how I perceived old women in Italy: still enjoying life!

Together old in Italy 04 - by Miki

I spotted this old “couple” in Pietrasanta (Tuscany I think… too lazy to check if Pietrasanta is really still in Tuscany!). Another way not be lonely in old age, a certainly very rewarding one…

Together old in Italy 05 - by Miki

And I saw these 2 guys chatting in the sea town Camogli on the Italian Riviera. Simply a great motif!


One Response to “Togetherness in Old Age in Italy”

  1. shelleymhouse Says:

    This is such a wonderful idea for a series, Miki! I am so impressed by how much you can capture in a short sketch.

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