Camogli in italy

Camogli in Italy 02 - by Miki

Travel sketch in ink and watercolour, painted on the site

The sea town Camogli by the Riviera was one of the places we visited in the first part of our Italy trip. It had been very difficult to reach  with our Boomobile, in fact the first time we were there was a Sunday and we had to escape again, much too many people were there and it was impossible to find a parking place, even very far away from the town. All Italy seemed to be there that day! A pity as  the town, seen from the road above, seemed spectacular. It hurt in the soul to go away without being able to make even one sketch. But we came back days later, as we had to trace back our steps, Kevin having to take a plane in Genova for a gig in the UK. And eventually the town turned out to be a great place for me to sketch, I loved it! It was also the first time we tried some Focaccio bread, my God: to die for!

Camogli in italy 11 - by Miki

When  I look at this painting, I can’t help to think that the church seems a little big too big.. but who cares… I don’t! Anyway, perhaps it was so, and certainly in my artist;s perception. In any case to look at the painting makes want to go back there, and this is the most important!

Camogli in Italy 03 - by Miki

A typical street in Camogli. A delight for my artist’s eyes and hand!

I have painted much more there. If you want to see all my sketches from Camogli, please go to my FAA gallery. All the paintings and sketches are available as Giclee prints, in different sizes on paper or canvas, and as greeting cards. Just click on the widget below.

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One Response to “Camogli in italy”

  1. Joël Says:

    Bonjour Miki. Je suis heureux de retrouver ces bien jolis moments. Les couleurs sont magnifiques, on devine beaucoup de tranquillité, de sérénité, dans ces ruelles.

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