Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre 01 - by Miki

In April 2011, on our way to Tuscany, we spent almost a week in the National Parl of Cinque Terre by the Italian Riviera. It has been been very difficult to reach with the Boomobile, our “Tour Bus” because of the very narrow steep roads. I guess we even went through roads who were prohibited tp such big vehicles, but well, we were not caught… but more than one time I thought it was the end of us: I was scared to death on these roads!!!

I painted the scenery above from a place where we spent the night, by the side of the road, in the middle of nowhere… it was VERY dark there in the night, but at least one could see from there the  lights of the famous villages from Cinque Terre, which we would visit in the next days. I will show some sketches of these villages in later posts (if I don’t forget…)

I tried to paint some impressions from Cinque Terre , out of my fantasy. The mountains,, the high narrow houses, the seagulls…

Cinque Terre 03 - by Miki

Cinque Terre 05 - by Miki

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