Want Some Moore?

Kev Moore - Photo by Miki


You have all probably heard of Kev Moore, “The Nice Guy of Rock”, as they call him in the milieu.

And in fact, indeed he is the nicest rocker in the World!

But if you want to see his ‘hidden face’, and listen to the kind of Moaning Monster that I (delightfully) spend my life with, and will always do, then read on!  He has started a new blog “Want Some Moore??!” As he writes himself:

“… He’s also prone to get quite pissed off about War, Religion, Slow drivers, Crazy people, Normal people, Peace, God, Crap music…..well, he’s prone to get pissed off about pretty much everything really. If you want to come see where he ‘vents’ – this is the place to be!  “

Entry forbidden to delicate souls though…

But if you are tough, and love the (verbal) fight, Get him started, you won’t regret it!


2 Responses to “Want Some Moore?”

  1. Sentinella Mojacar Says:

    how do we get to it??? x

  2. Miki Says:

    Hi Sentinella, nice to see you here!
    The “Want some more??!” in the text, written in purple, is a direct link to the blog. xx

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