A Summer Trip to The Czech Republic 01

It was in July this year (2011). The main reason for this trip was not the usual one, i.e. painting – We went there to attend a gig by our favourite Supergroup

“Black Country Communion”

In case you don’t know them, here are two of them, Glenn Hughes and Joe Bonamassa.Glenn pointing at God and saying “You Rock!”

Black Country Communion – by Miki

Anyway, the gig took place in Loket and was fabulous, although we spent it under a torrential rainstorm… reminding me how awful the summers can be in that part of the world (I have been living in Germany a long long time!!!). I really prefer our daily desert heat!

Of course I can’t go anywhere without having to paint it… Before going to Loket, we spent three days in Prague, exploring the whole town. That place is certainly one of the most beautiful and exciting towns in the world! I would need an entire lifetime to paint it and render the homage it deserves,, so I did what I could in that short time…

The Charles Bridge for example was a feast for the eyes.. and the ears!

Charles Bridge in Prague.- By Miki

Street Musicians in Prague - by Miki

My artist eyes were also attracted by the tramways of course… here is the most attractIve among them!

Cafe Tramway in Prague - Aquarelle - - by Miki

More Prague paintings in my next post…


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