A Summer Trip to The Czech Republic 02

Welcome to The Czech Republic 04 - by Miki

As I made a painting trip through Italy in Spring 2011, I was fascinated by the shops and restaurant entrances and windows there , full of colours and fun, reflecting so well that famous feeling of  “Dolce Vita”. This is why I started a series of paintings on the trip called “Welcome to italy”, all featuring some of the most attractive shops and restaurants I saw on my travels.

Well, I decided to extend the series to the Czech Republic, as I saw many similar attractive motifs, especially in my three days in Prague. I will probably extend the series to all the countries I will visit in the future, as I find them very representative of a country and their inhabitants, especially in the way they live their everyday lives.

Welcome to The Czech Republic 02 - by Miki

Absinthe was a big attraction in Prague, available in many places and in many forms, even as ice cream! I tried absinthe once, a long time ago as it became available again in the shops in France. A French friend brought a bottle to me, with the matching glasses.  As a French girl and artist I had to try. Well, I can tell you: the stuff is a bomb!

I gave this painting a psychedelic touch, as it was more or less how I felt 10 minutes after having drank one glass…

Welcome to The Czech Republic 01 - by Miki

Also marionettes are very popular in Prague.. quite scary sometimes! I loved them though and could have painted all of them! Wouldn’t want them in my house though, some of them looked much too real!  🙂

Welcome to The Czech Republic 03 - by Miki

I saw this little baker and his bread carriage in the window of our favourite cafe in Prague. I just adored him. And the bread too!

All these paintings are available as Giclee prints in many sizes and as Greeting Cards. If you are interested to purchase some,  visit my Fine Art America Gallery or drop me a line

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