The Forbidden Fruit and so on…

Le Fruit Defendu - by Miki

Yesterday afternoon, tired of all the travel sketches business = finishing, photographing and publishing works from Portugal, Italy, Spain, Republic Czech – I spent some hours in my atelier “for the dirty work”, as I call it. This is a place specially designed for my colour wildernesses, and believe me, after such a seance, the room is a total mess! I play with colours, instruments, waters, knifes, needles, sprays, whatever comes undo my hand and my inspiration. The result is quite random generally. Then I just let my fantasy free with the task to make something artistic out of it. Later on with help of the computer if necessary. In the above piece I incorporated within the acrylics chaos a tender pastel portrait of that beautiful girl called “Tara Summers” , whom I discovered in in one of my favourite TV shows “Boston Legal”

Eternel Feminin - by Miki

Similar technique for this one, with a pastel portrait of one of mu nieces… the result looked pretty feminine to me, hence the title…

These paintings  (and all my work too too) are available as Giclee prints in many sizes and as Greeting Cards. If you are interested to purchase some,  visit my Fine Art America Gallery or drop me a line

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