Impressions de Provence

Impression de Provence 27 - by Miki

The “Impressions de Provence” is a series of paintings mostly created in the “dirty atelier”, that room where my wild games with colours and materials take place. But not like the other ones which I do there, and are normally totally random, these are created with the intention to do something which looks like the Provence., but of course letting much free room the spontaneity and natural interaction of all the elements involved in the creation process, mostly different types of colours, water and other liquids, weird papers and all kind of instruments.

I have been in the Provence many times, but unfortunately never had the occasion to paint on the sites. One day soon I will, there will be a Provence painting trip with plenty of travel sketches, but for now, my Provence is only the fruit of my fantasy, memories and impressions I had. I did the one above in my session yesterday.

Here are some more examples

Impression de Provence 01 – by Miki

Impression de Provence 02 - by Miki

You can see the whole collection in my FFA Gallery clicking on this link.

If you are interested, You can buy there directly on line prints of these paintings in many different sizes, on different kind of papers or canvas, or as greeting card. Just click on the widget below

Art Prints


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