Catching Crocodile Tears

Catching Crocodile Tears - by Miki

Acrylics painting

_lease don’t think about the deep significance of the title. Or perhaps do, and suddenly this random painting will get some deep hidden sense? Well, I don’t care, you can see in my work whatever you need to. I simply played with colours and shapes. That girl  appeared graciously dancing from behind  the rocks, and in the very last moment, what I thought was a tooth growing out of a rock revealed itself as a crocodile.  An understandable mistake I guess, as I just came back from the dentist, having one tooth pulled out, and I saw that nightmare thing everywhere then, except within my mouth of course!

But it was definitely a crocodile!

And why was the crocodile crying? Love ache probably.. about the girl… or his animal condition… or the missing tooth…

But to tell the entire truth, I just loved the combination of these words

“Catching Crocodile Tears”

sounds really sexy, doesn’t?

By the way: you know what are crocodile tears, don’t you?

This painting is available as Giclee prints in many sizes and as Greeting Cards. If you are interested to purchase some,  visit my Fine Art America Gallery.

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One Response to “Catching Crocodile Tears”

  1. Rayya The Vet Says:

    stunning painting!!

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