The Harem

The Harem - by Miki

Well, to be honest, I have never been in Morocco. But it has always been a dream destination of mines… there was a time when my brother lived there, he had a nice house and a 4by4 a motorbike and even a wonderful white Arabic horse, but at that time I lived in the north of Germany, and not alone, and not happy, and travelling with that partner was not a clever option. And anyway, although horses are beautiful and great painting motifs, I have the greatest respect for them, and keep at distance…  they have got such a weird face structure.. these big eyes… and this big mouth… and the big teeth… does remind me some horror story of my childhood somehow… Anyway I missed the occasion of fulfilling a dream!

But now that I live with my dream man in Andalusia, Morocco is no more that far, and one day we will go. I needed some time though to convince him that Morocco is not as dangerous as one might say. I want to paint all the time and everywhere there, for it is without doubt our Boomobile. But one does hear so many horror stories, that the bravest among the motorhome fans can’t help going there, travelling in convoy. This is definitely not for us, we love it free and independent and planless. So we will see. For now we might start with a standard trip to Marrakesh, flight, ho0tel and rented car. We will see.

But images of Morocco are always haunting my paintings. These Arabic woman regularly appear in my paintings without me calling them. It must mean something. If I was an superstitious freak, i would see a sign there. But I guess it is just my dreams pushing to the surface..

Anyway, I did the acrylics painting above some days ago. It took me some time that Mister Random had lead me inside a harem that time. I first didn’t understand where I was, probably because I never was in a harem before. Really not… : Really, I don;t like to share my guy -) ! Apart from the languishing Madame on the sofa in the foreground, there is a sultan, and perhaps another guy, and a musician playing some kind of guitar for the Madame.

And here are two gouache Morocco paintings from the past. . Always when i look at them, I got the feeling that the two women will collide at the street corner… It’s kind of fun.. or at least, if you haven’t got enough sense of humour to get the fun, it adds some dramatic to the scene…

Moroccan Women 01 - by Miki

Moroccan Women 02 - by Miki

Hope you enjoyed that little fantasy trip to Morocco. If you enjoyed it that much, that you want to purchase prints of these paintings, they are available directly online in many different sizes, on paper or canvas, and even as greeting cards. Juts click on the widgets below

Sell Art Online

Sell Art Online

Sell Art Online


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