A Nightmare

Nightmare 02 - by Miki

(Acrylic painting)

I just woke up from a terrible nightmare:

“…I was at my parents’ flat, in the ninth floor, in front of the sea. There was a hurricane, big flooding and the waves were already licking the base of the building. My old father said he would go down to pray for all the poor people who were in danger. our dog Maya followed him. I was watching the  through the large bay windows After a while I saw him from above, carried away by a gigantic wave, and the dog too.Between two waves the water was very transparent and I could see them both under water, but at different spots, fighting for their life. Somehow the dog succeeded coming out of the water, but then he git mad, searching for my father, and drowned again… My mother was screaming at me that I should go down and try to rescue them, but  I could’t move, and anyway I knew it had no sense….”

Needless to say I had a tremendous headache as I woke up, and  deep guilt feelings. Aspirin helps against physical pain, but not against guilt…

And don’t tell again

“This was only a dream, this is not real!”

because then I will engage you in an endless hot discussion about what “real” is. When a dream has such consequences, so intensely measurable  in my reality, then it must be real! At least, as a scientist, this is my position.

Anyway, here is a nightmare painting, recently created. It is not a reference to an actual, concrete nightmare, but it does symbolise very well what my nightmares are normally about (not like the one from tonight, which was quite realistic): supernatural kind of ordered nonsense, and scary like hell. Full Stories worthy of the most fantastic film scenarios.

I don’t really like this painting, but well, my art is not about what I like. I have noticed that I better sell the paintings I don’t like than the ones I like! This is why I decided, once and for all, to publish everything I do and let the rest of the world be the judge of it.

But don’t misunderstand me: if you don’t like it, you don;t need to tell me. Just keep quiet!  🙂

So, if you like it, and like it so much that you want a print, you can purchase one directly online, on paper or canvas, and in many different sizes. it is even available as greeting card, if you want to make one of your enemies a bad surprise… Just click on the widget below

Photography Prints

And more generally you can see many of my dreams, nightmares, passions, loves and hates by going to my gallery “Miki’s Enchanted World”


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