Art and Sports 01 – Cycling

Le Tour de France 05 – by Miki

This artwork is meant to represent only movement and colours, hence the little details, just colours stains and lines moving with high speed through the frame…

After all that dreamy esoteric stuff from my posts last week, let us come back to more real things. In fact, I think I will make a sport art weeks. As I often said, I love sports, as well actively as passively. Sport is vital for my whole well-being.. so much that if I spend one day without any sport activity, I feel like dead! I know, it sounds exaggerated, but I am an exaggerated person all over, with huge attraction to all kind of extremes… not extreme sports though!!!  🙂

And of course, i love painting everything which inspires me passion. So here we go with the sports art week! I am not sure I will have enough sports paintings for a whole week (from different sports I mean), and I might have to create again.. But I feel lazy right now, so let us start with what I have.

In July I made a series of art works featuring the Tour de France, and they have become  quite popular. I presented the first four of the series in an earlier post,  “The Tour de France 01”, Here are some more.

Le Tour de France 06 – by Miki

It was raining that day as the bikers crossed that village in the North of France.. On the painting I wanted to feature both aspects: the grey rainy weather, and the colour wave of the racers . I did not put too many colours in that wave though, it did not look right, or at least it took over the whole atmosphere of the art work, and nothing was left from the rain.

I was asked if I would paint La Vuelta too, but well, it finished yesterday, and anyway: I didn’t really fancy. The Tour de France is for me THE RACE, I can’t think with passion of any other one. And when there is no passion, I can’t paint it. Anyway, guys racing on their bikes look all the same, in France, Spain or Italy. This would be only a repetition, and I hate repetitions! Perhaps next year, I will paint the Tour de France again, but in another style and technique, if some come to my mind.

Le Tour de France 07 – by Miki

Always loved the red dotted shirt, rewarding the best mountains climber it makes such a nice and funny contrast to all the other ones!

So, I think it is enough cycling for today, I feel exhausted!  🙂

You can purchase prints of these paintings (on paper or canvas) in many different sizes, or a greeting card, in my online gallery. Just click on the widgets below

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And more generally you can see many of my dreams, nightmares, passions, loves and hates by going to my gallery “Miki’s Enchanted World”

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