Arts and Sports 02 – Golfing

I decided yesterday to have a sports art blog week, and started with cycling. As I said, I love sports and have practised many of them. One of my favourite sports is golf. Some people might say this isn’t a sport, but they haven’t got a clue what they are talking about. When you  play in Spain on a course which goes up and down all the time and under a very hot sun, then your body bloody knows that it is a sport! I never was a fan of using a buggy, because in golf what I really love is the mix of walking in the nature and hitting the ball between.

So today is golf art on my blog menu.  “Earn Your Stripes” is one of the first I did of Tiger Woods, as he was still a real tiger, on top of his form, before all the stuff about his unfaithfulness came out. Honestly, I don’t care about his private life. And I don’t even care about him as a human being, probably because he does not seem to be the most sympathetic guy in the world… but he was a great golf champion, and whatever people might think or wish, I believe he still is. He just needs to get his act together again. Winds of marital changes are not strong enough  to blow down such a monument of a person, only some hurricane could… so I say: one day he will be back!!! And I am not expressing here my wishes, just my thoughts… I would add though that if he was a little bit more humble, he would be back earlier…  and I would like him much more as a person!  🙂 But would he be still Tiger Woods if he was humble? I guess not…

Anyway, the thing with the tiger inspired me to do the painting above, which I personally like quite a lot!

Golfing in Club Fontana 03 - by Miki

Painting inspired from a scene of the PGA tour in G0lf Club Fontana in Austria. I don’t remember though who the player is… just loved the contrast between the green and the orange of his shirt. I was also inspired by the light and shadow contrasts.

Golfing in Crans-sur-Sierre 01 - by Miki

Crans-sur-Sierre, in Switzerland,  my favourite golf course from the European PGA tour. I guess my painting of the grass is a little bit too untidy and wild, but I love it like that. Just taking advantage of my artist’s freedom!

Looking at my cycling paintings yesterday, I thought I should try the same technique in golf (and other sports too). I wanted to try quickly to see how it works on golf, and simply took a nice photo from the net to base it on. Now, I am probably not allowed to sell this painting without the authorization of the photographer, but well, I do like the result, and perhaps some others will, and it might even be that the photographer takes pity on a poor artist… if not, he/she should contact me! I will probably do some golf art in this technique these days, but based on my own material.

Golfscape 01 - by Miki

Enough golf for today, although I have dozens of art works about them. Another time perhaps. But of course, if you insist, I will show you another one.. some golf fun.. the ultimate golfer’s gift!!!

The Ultimate Golfer's Gift - by Miki

You can purchase prints of these paintings (on paper or canvas) in many different sizes, or a greeting card, in my online gallery. Just click on the widgets below


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And more generally you can see many of my dreams, nightmares, passions, loves and hates by going to my gallery “Miki’s Enchanted World”


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