Art and Sports 03 – Motorsports

Formula 1:Teamwork 01 - by Miki

 (Watercolour painting)

Now again, as with golf, many people might not consider the motor sports as real sports. But often I suppose it is simply a question of definition. If one considers a sport an activity which involves a big physical effort for a certain amount of time,  then yes, motor sports are sports! Well, according to this definition, dock workers for example, or farmers, or  musicians who gig all the time for little money,  the ones who have to carry all their equipment around all the time, could be considered as sportsmen too.. in fact almost everybody is making sport.. great, the world is healthy!!!  🙂

Anyway… I personally prefer sports without a motor attached somewhere, and this is probably the reason why I haven’t done many motor sports paintings in my life. So far only two if I remember well. The one above, which features one of the most fascinating scenes of Formula 1 for me, the tyre-changing. What impressive team work these guys are managing there! I sold that painting a long time ago to a German, he wanted to hang it in his office.  Unfortunately I haven’t got a good quality photo of it. A pity… but well, I have been asked many times  for reproductions or/and new Formula 1 paintings, so I guess one day , soon perhaps if you really insist, I will make an effort… aesthetically speaking that race is certainly worth it!

Powerboats World Championship in Portugal - by Miki

 (Acrylics painting on canvas)

And this is my second motor-sports painting, featuring a scene from the 2008 World Powerboats Championship in Barca de Alba in Portugal. We attended the event totally by accident, as we were touring Portugal. At the Championship we even became friends with one of the UK competitors, and Kevin, my English Rocker,  became his Chief assistant for the race. That was great fun! I meant to do more paintings about this theme, but I  missed the opportunity. Not that I am lazy, on the contrary, I am kind of painting all the time, when I am not taking care of my blogs and art sites, But I love to paint everything , and I always focus on what just crosses my path and attracts my artistic attention. According to the LIFO principle: Last In First Out.

That painting has been sold recently to a Spanish sports paintings collector. At least I took quite a good photo of it beforehand, so if you are interested in buying a print, available on paper or canvas, in many different sizes, just click on the widget below

Photography Prints

And more generally you can see all this stuff I paint by going to my gallery “Miki’s Enchanted World”


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