Art and Sports 05 – Watersports

Water Fight - by Miki

(Watercolour painting)

It is Sunday today, and the Sports Art week is coming to an end. I will finish with water sports, which is certainly one of my favourite sports categories, to practise and to paint. I love the water,  I love to move in the water, and I love the way I feel after having been in the water, so fresh one feels newborn…. well, at least I suppose one feels quite fresh when one is resuscitated… might depend on as what we come back as though!

Unfortunately I had no time this week to make some water sport painting in the new technique I used for cycling and skiing, but I will probably do some next week and add them to this post. For now, I will present only older paintings here.

The painting above was one of my most successful, having been chosen many different times for websites and magazine covers.

Love is The Seventh Wave - by Miki

(Pastel painting)

Surf and Windsurf are certainly my favourite water sports. With swimming of course, and scuba diving,  but it is not that easy to paint, with almost everything being under water.. in fact I have never tried, Perhaps I should one day!

Personally I have been doing some windsurfing, and just adored it. I learned it in Congo, Africa, in the bay of Pointe Noire. I was on holiday there by my parents who were living there, and a friend of theirs had a windsurf board. He taught me the basic technique and I was invited to use the board as often as I wanted. It was tough to learn, I continuously fell back into the water. but I am quite focussed when I want something.. not to say stubborn! But what a feeling the first time I could glide on the water!!! From that moment the learning process went quite smoothly and I surfed every time further and further from the beach. I couldn’t stop really, never thinking that I would have to come back. And one day what was bound to happen happened: I almost lost my life there! I was some kilometres away from the beach, and in the meanwhile, a strong wind had come up, parallel to the coast. Of course  I had not learned how to surf in these conditions! Luckily for me, I have got a brain, and I am quite fit, so I was able to find a way to come back, after hundreds of turning manoeuvres. It was almost dark as I reached the beach, totally exhausted. There had been a moment out there, where I had stopped to do anything, had laid down on my board and decided to let myself die, physically and psychologically unable to go on. But it is not that easy to die when you have decided to, and the way I tried that day was really very boring! Anyway the survival instinct won out, as you can see! After that day I was a little bit more prudent … but not much really, I suppose I felt invincible!

Some years later I was surfing in Spain, and again far away from the beach, a strong wind was blowing and my mast broke.  I had to bring my board back to the beach, about 2 kilometres away, swimming against the waves.. it was tough! This was in fact the last time I surfed. Many years later, in Germany, I bought myself a surfboard, but  I was working very intensely these days and somehow I could not find the time to go and surf! The thing is probably still there somewhere…

Windsurfing - by Miki

(Watercolour painting)

All these paintings are available directly online as Giclee prints in many different dimensions, on paper or canvas, and also as greeting cards. Just click on the widgets below to access my FAA store

Photography Prints
Photography Prints

And more generally you can see all this stuff I paint by going to my gallery “Miki’s Enchanted World”


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