Jimmy Page and Robert Plant

Jimmy Page and Robert Plant - by Miki

I thought I would dedicate my post today to that duo of musical giants, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. In the artwork above they are featured in the classic era of Led Zeppelin. Since I painted it about 2 years ago, this artwork has been a hit and given much pleasure  to the Led Zeppelin fans…. and good business for me of course! In fact, I did the painting because Kevin had asked me to. I personally didn’t know Led Zeppelin very well, had certainly never seen them live. But well, their fans love the painting, I cannot ask for more!

Some fans comments

“…  gorgeous style, I’m your fan :))…”

“… thats true!!! they are Zepps!!! it reminds me their song: baby, im gonna leave u love it!!!!!!!…”

“… Saw Led Z. in concert in the seventies…love this…it is gloriously colorful and full of energy,,,…”

I did another artwork featuring Robert Plant and Jimmy Page, interpreting the piece “Stairway to Heaven”, that divine song! An artwork in a very different style from the first one… just tried to paint both as if they were in heaven, not quite defined somehow… like angels perhaps?

Jimmy Page and Robert Plant 02 - by Miki

In the meanwhile I know Robert Plant much better, and I am waiting for the chance to go to one of his gigs, next year probably. But I have seen him on the TV and DVDs on many different stages, have heard interviews, and I think I like the guy. I mean, the musician of course is fantastic and I love him. But it seems to me that the human being behind is a great person too, even humble, considering his stratospheric success… it always fascinates me when famous people stay humble…

Robert Plant 01 - by Miki

Robert Plant 02 - by Miki

I also did a painting of Jimmy Page alone, but Kevin says one does not recognize him. Well, I don’t mind really, I wanted to try another style, and the painting was more meant to represent a guitarist alone in the night. lost in his music..

Lost in music, Jimmy probably lost his face too!

Jimmy Page lost in music – by Miki

These art works are available directly on-line as Giclee print in many different dimensions, on paper or canvas, and also as greeting card. Just click on the widgets below to access my FAA store

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Sell Art Online

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And more generally you can see what else I paint by going to my gallery “Miki’s Enchanted World”


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  1. wordsfallfrommyeyes Says:

    FANTASTIC pictures – great blog!

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