9 Kids and 1 Teacher in Art Movements

In the Summer of 2011 I received the following email, with the title “Art Movements”

“Hello Miki

My name is Victoria Thornton, I am currently working as a teaching assistant and training to become a primary school teacher. I am due to teach art to a year 6 class in September and we are studying the unit ‘people in action’. I have decided to draw inspiration from artists such as Leger, Degas, Picasso, Matisse and yourself! I will be introducing the children to your cyclist and dancer paintings as I am sure your style of work will really inspire them to produce something amazing. We will be creating a fact file for each artist that we are studying; could you tell me what art movement you class your work as/ what style of artist you would describe yourself as? (For example I will be introducing the terms Cubism, Impressionism and Fauvism to the children) Which artists have inspired you?…

I hope you are able to help, thank you.

Victoria. “

Now, without blowing my own trumpet , I must say that I am often contacted by students and teachers from around the world, who want to use my art for their purpose, the teachers to teach, the students to learn. And honestly I find it quite flattering and touching. I don’t make a big deal out of my art myself , I just paint. Not that I am deprecating myself, I do like much of the stuff I paint, it’s just that I don’t like to make big words about it, pretending I am an ARTIST, inspired by higher forces and things like that. Read my answer  to Vicky and you might understand better how my artist soul functions….

“Hello Victoria,

thanks for your mail.. and for the great company (Degas, Picasso, Matisse…)  you will give me!  🙂

I am a very unusual artist in the sense that I was never really interested in art. I just love painting and creating. This means that I was never inspired by any artist, as I hardly ever looked at their works! I am a very spontaneous, intuitive artist, never think about what I do, I just take my brushes or pen and start… . I am certainly not that kind of artists making big words about their own art… I hope this is not too disappointing for you!

I gave many interviews to art students and teachers, who wanted to use my art in their studies. One of them was about my sport paintings. If you are interested to read it, just let me know. it might contain useful info to you.

Concerning sports, and dancing: well, I am myself a very active sportier, and this is why movement takes a very important place all across my art. I love movement, and I need it.

I can’t describe myself in a special style. I change my styles according to my moods.  If there is a style which describes movement in art, something like “Movementism”, or “Changism”, yes, this would be me!

I have the feeling I am not helping you very much with my answers, I feel really sorry about that. But i don;t want to pretend to be something I am not. Let me know please if we can “approach myself” in a way which could help you. And as I said, some of the interviews might be useful…

Warm regards from Spain”

Well, we had some more exchanges, and eventually I was able to give Vicky some useful info about myself and my art, and we both were happy. She wrote

“Perhaps once the children have produced some work I could email you with an attached photo….”

As I read this sentence, I thought,  well, they always say it, and I never hear from them again after they have got what they want! This indeed always happens to me, and in the meanwhile I am so bitter about it that I tend not to answer these students/teachers requests any more. Which saddens me very much in fact. But you know, I put work into it to answer their questions, make big interviews sometimes, send high quality painting files, and then I never hear from them again in spite of big promises. Something I will never understand! I know it is a result of the internet social interaction -forgetting all good manners and respect and memory!-, but I do hope I will never become like this myself!

Anyway, to my immense surprise I received an email from Vicky some days ago

Hi Miki,

It’s Vicky Thornton here, I got in touch with you last summer in order to get some info about your work for my art lessons (children aged 10-11). Well, the kids really enjoyed studying you and were particularly inspired by your cyclist pieces. They went on to create similar paintings themselves (please see photo-album attached for a selection of the artwork) using oil pastels and watercolours. They were very excited when I told them that I had been in contact with you via email and that I would be sending you some examples of their work : )

Hope you’re well and had a lovely Xmas- we had a huge snowfall last night in fact so it feels like Xmas again here in the UK!
Vicky x

Well, believe me, this made up for all the previous disappointments!

So, here they are – these wonderful artworks created by these 9 kids and inspired by my cycling paintings. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! I personally find them great, so great that they really are worth to be published WORLDWIDE!

Number 01

Number 02

Number 03

Number 04

Number 05

Number 06

Number 07

Number 08

Number 09

I hope these paintings won’t be the last ones I see from these kids. ALL of them have the ability and the talent inside of them, I can see it in each of these paintings. I hope that in their life they will come across such wonderful teachers as Vicky seems to be, who know to motivate them to go on with their art and get it out into the world, in colours and lines and forms, what they artistically have got inside!

I of course asked Vicky for the permission to publish these artworks and her name in my blog. She was enthusiastic about it and asked me to add following info:

 “the paintings were done by year 6 children (aged 10-11) at Weston Village Primary School in Cheshire, England”

Well, kids, be sure then if I go to Cheshire one day, I will visit you at school and see how you are doing. So better take your pencils and brushes again right now and go on creating such great art! But before I can come, I guess I will have to check on a UK map where Cheshire is… we French are so bad at geography!

Now it is my turn to ask you all something: I would like to know, just because it interests me, who painted which painting. By that I mean: girl or boy? I have my little idea about it, and I really would like to  see if I am right. So please, leave me a comment on this blog when you recognise your painting (Just put the number of the painting and “girl” or “boy”.. you can write more about you if you fancy, I would be very happy to know more about you!).



15 Responses to “9 Kids and 1 Teacher in Art Movements”

  1. Ion vincent Danu Says:

    Hi, Miki! Great, interesting post! One of the main thing I love about you is that, as you say, “I am certainly not that kind of artists making big words about their own art…” When I hear about “demarche artistique” I see red! So many “artist” better with the demarche artistique than with the art they make…
    Anyway, I was sick (still am a bit) and had problems (what’s new?) and still had to continue on FAA, Redbubble and so on…
    I will write to you soon, on private, I hope. It done me a lot of good reading this post and you sure deserve to be among Degas, Picasso and Matisse… Best wishes to you and Kev!

  2. Barbara Mitchell Says:

    Hello Miki
    My name is Barbara Mitchell and I am the headteacher at Weston Village Primary School. I am emailing to thank you for including our pupils’ artwork on your blog. I am so proud of them. Vicky is an exceptional young lady and always gets the best out of the children in her care. You should see her teach dance!
    I would like to extend an invitation to you – please come to visit us at school. We are not too far from Manchester airport. In fact, I will personally pick you up from there!
    Your artwork has been inspirational to our pupils. I would love you to come and share some of your talent and experiences with our children.
    I hope that all isi well with you
    With the warmest of regards

  3. Miki Says:

    Hello Barbara, and thank you for your wonderful comment!

    I am proud of your pupils too, they really did beautiful paintings on the cycling theme, and I can’t wait to see more of them.
    And thank you so much for the lovely invitation. I hope I will be able to come one day, and of course I will let you know before. It would be wonderful for me to meet you, Vicky and the pupils in person. I have already checked where is your school exactly, so this is a first step, isn’t it?
    But in the meanwhile I hope we will all stay in some kind of contact, I would really like that.

    I wish you, Vicky and the whole Weston Village Primary School all the best.

    Unfortunately it is raining and cold today in Andalusia, so I can’t send you some warmth and sunshine, but be sure that my heart is with you all.


  4. Jack Says:

    Hello Miki I’m Jack and I did painting number 5. I was very inspired by your work and so it caused me to do well in my painting and I will continue to produce such good work in the future and it is all down to your work.

  5. Ethan Says:

    HI, my name is Ethan and my painting was number 04. I think you are the best painter I have ever seen and you are a real inspiration to my art and thank you for publishing our art. Thank you.

  6. laura Says:

    HI !!!!!, my name is laura and my painting was number 07. You are really good at art and a great inspiration to my art work ! thankyou so much for publishing our art work on your blog ! 🙂

  7. Kara Says:

    Hi my name is Kara and I did the factfile (the very top one.)
    I like your artwork but i also like sketching things and creating things.I’m looking forward to seeing more of your work.

    Hope you have a good day!

  8. Amy Says:

    hi im amy and i did picture 6 i really like drawing and painting animals and people but i would like to get better at doing the noses and fingers !!

  9. Amy Says:

    Hi I’m Erica and I go to Weston Village Primary School. My picture is number nine. Thank you for putting our pictures on the blog and I hope our school keeps in contact with you.

  10. Siobhan Says:

    Hi my name is Siobhan and I go to Weston Village Primary School. My pic is number 1. I really like your artwork and you are an inspiration to my artwork. I want to inprove on drawing hands. Thanks. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  11. Miki Says:

    Hello Kids from Weston Village Primary School!

    I was so incredibly happy to read all your comments, and now to be able to associate the paintings to names! It was really interesting to read who painted which, and to be honest, I did not get it all right, trying to imagine if the painting was done by a girl or a boy!

    Thank you for the lovely words, Jack! I would love you to go on with your painting work, and I hope I will be able to see and publish some of it in the future. Your cycling painting has got loads of humour, it is wonderful!

    Well, I loved to hear that fabulous compliment to my art, Ethan, made me blush! 🙂
    What I especially love in your painting is the slightly abstract, geometric touch. You have a very personal style already, keep it!

    Hi you! Thank you so much for the lovely comments! It is always an honour to inspire somebody with my art, and especially kids. Because for me kids are the better artists, as all your works show!
    I hope you will go on painting, and show me what you do. I would love to publish some of your works again!

    It is great that you like sketching things. I would encourage you to sketch as much as possible. I really believe that sketching is very important, it is often the base for a great painting. I spend many hours every week just sketching, landscapes, and things too. I especially love to sketch coffee mugs and toys!

    I also like to draw animals, they are wonderful motifs. Unfortunately they move a lot, it is not always easy. This is why I often sketch them when they are sleeping. Noses and fingers are tough indeed. But practise as much as you can, and you will become better automatically. You can practise noses and fingers with drawing animals toys and dolls.

    It was a big pleasure to put all your works in my blog, I really enjoyed doing that.
    Yes, it would be nice to keep in contact with all of you. I would really love to follow your “art career” whenever it is possible!

    Thank you for the lovely comment, I am thrilled to hear that my art work inspires you!
    Hands are indeed difficult to draw, but they are such a wonderful motif. At some point I want to make a whole series about hands, but I get always caught in other projects! Anyway, I have some good exercises to improve your hands drawings. If you want me to help you and give you some tips, just contact me!

    And to all of you:

  12. Laurie Says:

    Hi Miki

    I hope you like my cycling picture at number 3! I’ve seen your work and it’s AMAZING!!!!!! I honestly love the way the colours are made and brought together.Thanks

    Yours sincerly

  13. Eve Says:

    Hi my name is Eve! My painting is number 8. I think that ur painting is really good and i hope i can be as good as you one day! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  14. Miki Says:

    Nice to see here too, Laurie! I thought you went lost in the cycling race 🙂
    Oh yes, I do like your painting and I can’t wait to see more of them! You seem to love colours, so just put loads on your paintings, like I do. And if you follow your intuition, without thinking too much, the colours will always match together.
    And thank you so much for the great compliment concerning my art xx

    I am glad you could make it too here, and I loved to read your comment. I love your painting, the composition is very interesting, personal and unusual, this is very good. And I am a fan of the colours yellow and pink together, so I could only love what you did. Go on painting please!

  15. Laurie Says:

    Thanks Miki

    I’ve taken your advice and i’m sure it will work, can’t wait to try it out! I’ll work on it as much as I can. I also work on art at home mainly on pencils and other different things like collages.I really hope I can see more of your work Miki, it’s FAB!!

    Yours sincerely

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