I Wish I was Pink

I Wish I Was Pink - by Miki

Inspired by my last Love Mug painting, Today I decided to make some more art work for my series “Coffee Cups”.

Some of you will think

“Oh, NOOOOOO! Not her bloody mugs again!”

Well, sorry, but YES! I love my mugs. I love to drink hot milk coffee out of them all, and I love to paint them. Apart from the new Valentines Love Mug, our collection has become bigger since I painted my last mug, and it is really time to give some of them the honour they deserve: being immortalized in a Miki painting!  🙂

Now, today something very special happened with one of my mugs, one more reason to grab my brushes. While I was working in my atelier, Kevin had prepared a coffee for me, as he always does. He is the coffee chef in the house. In fact he is the everything chef here. He likes to say

“I must be the only guy in the world with a French woman who cannot cook!”

Anyway, I left my atelier to go and look for the coffee. Kevin had prepared it in that wonderful mug he had bought for me in a fine arts shop in my home town Tarbes, in the French Pyrenees, as we were on our way to Italy last year. In fact the mug and its little matching plate with room for a cookie, was not for sale. It was exhibited in the shop as an example of stuff they did in their ceramic classes. The mug had been created and painted by the shop owner, and was not even ready to use, not having passed through the oven yet to fix the paint. But Kevin wanted it for me. I love pink, and this one had such an amazing unusual shade of pink, and such a great design on top of it. He took some effort and many charming smiles to persuade the woman to sell it to him. The mug and its plate travelled for 6 weeks with us,  all the way to Tuscany and back, and as we were back home Kevin put it in the oven according to the instructions given by the woman. A long cooking process, certainly more complicated than these fabulous gratin dauphinois or crepes au fromage which my mother, a perfect French woman, sometimes cooks for us when we visit. No, I am not losing my marbles right now: just mentioning it  because very soon we will go to my parents again and although we hypocritically say to my old Mom:

“Please, don’t cook for us, it is too much work!”

we secretly hope to get one of her food wonders!  🙂

Anyway the mug works fine now, the pink colour is coffee- and even dishwasher – safe. This afternoon it was waiting for me next to my computer, with one of my favourite cookies on the plate, one of these fabulous “double-choc biscuits” with tons of chocolate inside, a real chock for the senses! But they were not alone there. A little rainbow pig stood next to the mug, starring at it with wide-opened eyes. First I had thought the pig was after the cookie, but when I asked him what he wanted there, he just said

“I Wish I was Pink!”

If you like my new pink mug and the fancy pig, they are available directly online as Giclee print in many different dimensions, on paper or canvas, and also as greeting cards. Just click on the widgets below to access my FAA store

Photography Prints

If you are interested in seeing more of my Coffee Mugs art, please click on the image below

Coffee and Cafe Art Gallery - By Miki

And more generally you can see ALL THE STUFF I paint by going to my gallery “Miki’s Enchanted World”. Just click -gently!- on my face.


One Response to “I Wish I was Pink”

  1. Jasmine Pahl Says:

    Hi Miki! The lovely sheer color in your paintings brightened up this grey Sunday morning.

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