Com’on Bear on Bourbon

Bear on Bourbon - by Miki

Sometimes I get comments on my paintings where people say:

“This painting tells a great story!”

and I always wonder what they mean, as I generally don’t intend to tell any story with my art.

But this one today is different. It does indeed tell a story.. to be more precise: loads of stories, where each one of them has a deep emotional value for Kevin and me. I will tell you these stories in this post, and will try to be as concise as possible, as I know you are terribly busy and totally overbooked, like we all are nowadays… so we say!

Well, these days, you will have noticed it if you follow me,  I am into mugs paintings again, trying to catch up with the new stars of our collection. A Sisyphusian task, as their number increases at a much faster pace than I am able to paint them. And as the Germans so beautifully say:

„Wer hat die Wahl

hat die Quahl“

(He who has a choice has a pain)

the question being: which mug should I paint next? Well, generally I trust fate and let it decide for me.

This time for example… yesterday evening I made a big compromise with Kevin – even liberated women must do that sometimes  🙂 …- I generously agreed to watch a film, called “Hard Target” and featuring Jean Claude Van Damme. Now I had never seen that guy before, being a French intellectual I have my prejudices against Brussels muscle men -although I do love my English rocker’s swimming muscles… 🙂 , and in my milieu, we don’t look at such films! But Kevin convinced me to give it a go, as the action took place in New Orleans. And since we have been in New Orleans 2 years ago, we deeply miss it and look at everything featuring the city!

And anyway: I am a kick boxer, and I thought it could be useful to look at some real professionals.

Well, shame on me perhaps, but I loved the film! I won’t comment on it further for now, as I must go on with the stories of the paintings. Suffice to say, in the film we saw many places where we had been, and we became very nostalgic. We even planned another trip there this morning… just in our heads for now! I thought of the Saints cup we brought back.. and all the other stuff we got there at the Carnival, and I felt this all would make a great mug painting!

We were in New Orleans the night The Saints won the Superbowl, and I think I have never felt so emotional before, at least not about a sports victory. Probably the Gods up there on Mount Olympus were also celebrating the victory of their Saints, with all the thousands and thousands of people in the streets. It was AMAZING!  In memory we bought that wonderful mug, which we will always cherish more than any other. We got the beads following the Saints Parade on the following day. And the fabulous sunglasses the bear is wearing were given to me by an artist friend from New Orleans, whom we had met for the first time in the South of Spain, one year earlier. Really, what a night it was!

And now to the bear itself. His name is “Com’on Bear”, in French “Camembert”. Kevin gave him as a gift to his mother when she was diagnosed with cancer many many years ago, he was still a young boy, having just started his professional career as a musician. And when she died, not much later,  he just adopted her Bear… Camembert was not with us in New Orleans, but we gave him the beads and the glasses as we came back, and he never takes them off!

If you like Com’on Bear and The Saints mug, they are available directly online as Giclee print in many different dimensions, on paper or canvas, and also as greeting cards. Just click on the widget below to access my FAA Gallery

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Coffee and Cafe Art Gallery - by Miki

And more generally you can see ALL THE STUFF I paint by going to my gallery “Miki’s Enchanted World”. Just click -gently!- on my face. By the way this photo was taken on Valentine’s evening 2012, I wrote about it some days ago!

Miki's Enchanted World


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