Joe Bonamassa in Spain

Joe Bonamassa 01 - by Miki

Well, I am cheating  a little bit here… this artwork does not actually represent Joe Bonamassa  in Spain. But it does not matter, it is Joe with his guitar and all the divine electric sparkles he is filling space and time and fans with!

It is not  a total bluff though. We have just come back from a Joe Bonamassa gig in Murcia, Spain. As I discovered that he would be coming so close to us -we live 150 kilometres further south- I could not believe it: these stars normally honour Madrid, Barcelona and sometimes Bilbao with their presence, and that’s about it. Well, without wasting one second more I bought our tickets! The first time we had seen him was in July 2011, but that time we had to fly and drive thousand of kilometres for this pleasure. More precisely: it was in Loket, in the Czech Republic, at a concert by his supergroup Black Country Communion. In Loket I had suffered like hell, the concert being outside under non-stop rain. But here in Murcia we were sitting comfortably in a nice auditorium, and I could totally focus on the gig. One might think, that sitting in an armchair is not very rockmantic, but I don’t care, when I am listening to Joe, I simply want to enjoy it to the max. Well, I was not disappointed, the gig was a super feast for the ears and the eyes:

fab people, fab music, fab lights!

And I will certainly try to make some new painting of Joe, in Spain this time. The light patterns and colours at the show were artistically very inspiring to me.

I was especially happy – and to be honest, surprised  🙂 – to see Joe smiling quite often, and even making fun. Everybody there laughed at his joke about El Cortes Ingles, this Spanish department store chain. He had entered one of them on the morning of the gig, and was amazed about the size and the fact that you can buy there “a suit as well as a dog”!

I was also happy to see that the Spanish audience, probably about 90% of the total punters- really enjoyed the show. I didn’t appreciate so much the screaming of some of them  in the middle of a Joe solo, stuff like




 but one should not forget that these people come from a different culture, where these words and behaviour simply mean a deep mark of admiration. And well, even if bullfight is not very popular any more, the “ole” will probably stay a long time in the Spanish vocabulary!

Oh yes, a last funny detail. Perhaps you know it, I am not a very tall person.. well, I am not that tiny either: a whole 159 cm! At least in the morning… unfortunately, I am starting being in that age when one’s own size diminishes through out the day… this reminds me that when we were in Loket, we met Joe Bonamassa by accident in the town, and we had a photo taken with him. But when I saw it later at home, I forbade Kevin to publish it anywhere: I looked so small next to these 2 giants, like a dwarf really! Kevin had to photoshop me away…

Anyway, at the gig, I was a little bit worried that somebody would sit in front of me and I could not make the photos I wanted to. And by chance, until 10 minutes before the gig began, the seats in front of us remained empty although the room was gradually filling up. I could not believe my luck. But then suddenly, they arrived. A whole family. Mom, Dad and their 2 offspring,  2 very young children, twins probably, around 4 years old, spreading themselves in these sits in front of us. I ended up having in front of me probably the smallest gig attender in the world! He was of course, with his sister, the only children in the whole audience… isn’t it incredibly lucky? Normally, on such occasions, exactly the contrary happens: I always get in front of me the biggest person in the world! I was by the way wondering why the parents brought their children to the gig… well, obviously, the father was a musician, and he probably  wanted to make a Joe Bonamassa out of his son, using all possible tricks to motivate him: like for example using his son’s arm as a guitar neck and playing on it all the time. I am not so sure, but I had the feeling that the boy was not very responsive to music… for the first half of the gig he tried to impede everybody around to listen to the music, and slept the other half… a long way to go! Funny, yesterday at the swimming pool, Kevin randomly met a guy who told him about a genius 17 year-old musician playing in Los Gringos, a local band here. He said that he was like Joe Bonamassa. Why is it so hard to believe?  Well, the world is not as full of wonder kids as parents and friends want to believe  🙂

And also, it takes much more than some kind of talent to be like Joe Bonamassa!

Joe Bonamassa 02 - by Miki

I was very happy to meet again The Pianist, the one I had seen on the DVD of the Royal Albert Hall in London, when I had seen Joe for the first time in my life. That pianist who had inspired me to some paintings. In Murcia I missed his little Buddha though…

The Pianist 02 - by Miki

Anyway, if you have a chance, go and see Joe, you won’t regret it. You can check here his tour dates

A big thanks from us to Joe for coming to us, and also to his manager Roy Wiseman for having organised the event in Murcia.

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2 Responses to “Joe Bonamassa in Spain”

  1. Masterclass – Joe Bonamassa in Murcia « Moore:Music ® Says:

    […] There are expressions for this kind of thing; “Selling sand to the arabs” – “Taking coals to Newcastle”.  But “Bringing guitar to Andalucia”, at least to my knowledge, is not one of them.  Joe Bonamassa had the balls to do just that when he and his band performed for well over 2 hours in Murcia last week, and the Spanish loved him for it. It was his first visit there, and me and my partner Miki welcomed it, loving his music, and the fact that it was only an hour or so’s drive from where we live. Miki, being a painter was inspired to capture him. Check out her take on things HERE. […]

  2. jaylen Says:

    Joe Bonamassa New DVD at the Beacon with Paul Rodgers! | Limited Of Time Offer | Free Exclusive Download

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