Rory McIlroy: Total Eclipse… but The Tiger is getting his stripes back!

Total Eclipse, Rory Mcilroy – by Miki

Well, he has done it: Rory McIlroy is now the best golfer in the world! He won the Honda Classic in Florida yesterday and with this win he eventually realised his childhood dream of being the first in The Official World Golf Ranking. It was not only his dream by the way, it was mine too: I had spotted Rory many years ago, as he had just joined the international circuit, and I knew at once he would be one of the best, and perhaps the best.

Last year I did the “Total Eclipse” artwork and wrote following words  in my portraits blog:

“On the evening of the second day of the US Open 2011, I made this painting of Rory Mcilroy. I had followed him with delight , to see how he had taken, kept and even consolidating the lead.I had discovered Rory some years ago, and was immediately captivated by the purity, strength and speed of his swing. As an artist I am addicted to beauty, in my case especially in the beauty of movement,and Rory’s swing is a BEAUTY, probably the best I have ever seen. And as a passionate golfer myself, of course, how could I not love it!!!

Well he did it, he learned from the recent Augusta experience and succeeded in winning. And not only to win, he broke many records, 12 if I remember well, What a tournament! The best moment being as he hugged his Dad on that Father’s day, and later, dedicated him the Cup.”

Now, this post won’t be only about Rory. It will also be about Tiger Woods. As he returned to the golf scene -was it about one year ago? I don’t exactly remember – and was not playing that well, many said that he was finished. I remember having written somewhere that such a Tiger can’t be finished so fast. Whatever he has done in his private life, it concerns only him and his family. It is not up to me to judge him. But what I know is that he has been such a fantastic golfer all these years, and he is so “driven”, so ambitious, that nothing will stop him to try to be on the top of the golf world again. And he is technically and psychologically good enough to not let that ambition rule and destroy his game.

And well, after having seen him this weekend, I must say that I was right. Tiger is undoubtedly getting his stripes back!!!

Earn your stripes - by Miki

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