The Albufera de Valencia in Spain 01

Albufera de Valencia 01 - Watercolour and ink, by Miki

As I said before, I am right now trying to catch up with my artistic past, browsing through loads of sketching books I found recently in my house on the Costa Blanca which we had abandoned some years ago to live 300 kilometres further down the coast. I’ve already published some sketches here from my past in Germany and in France, and will probably show some more from these countries at some time. But right now I am going back to Spain, to a region called “Albufera de Valencia”, which I visited and painted in 2005.

These trips back to my past seem to touch me quite deeply by the way, as I suddenly dream every night of places and people from before, something which I never do normally. And I don’t like it really: my dreams always interact when my reality, and right now I really have the feeling of living parallel lives at the same time, with different people and in different places. I almost have the feeling to betray Kevin… It is WEIRD!

But back to the Albufera now, and let’s get first some facts from the Wikipedia:

“…The Albufera is a saltwater lagoon and estuary on the Gulf of Valencia coast in eastern Spain. It is the main portion of the Parc Natural de l’Albufera (“Albufera Nature Reserve”), with a surface area of 21,120 hectares (52,200 acres). The natural biodiversity of the nature reserve allows a great variety of fauna and flora to thrive and be observed year-round….”

And some location info from the Google map:

Albufera de Valencia, Spain

For me who loves watching birds so much, and who is always in search of a rare species, the place was really a Paradise. I even saw a purple heron there, a bird I had been wanting to see for a long time, since my sister-in-law, a real expert in ornithology, had told me that they were very rare. I spotted the purple beauty per accident, as I was driving by in my car. It was really a big chance that I saw it, as his colours were the perfect camouflage among the purple and orange surrounding plants. Perhaps they are not that rare at all in the end, just that we don’t see them?  🙂 Anyway,  I just had time to stop the car and make a photo, for the proof you know, and it was gone!

This is why the heron on the painting is not the purple one… but well, the white ones are really beautiful too, I find, and so much much easier to sketch on the site!

Albufeira de Valencia 03 - Watercolour and ink, by Miki

Well, some days later, when I was back home, I did a drawing of that rare bird in my Moleskine personal birds book, with coloured pencils, but it was just a copy of a picture in an ornithology book. Funny to read the annotations next to the picture though.. the bird names in different languages, and, written in Spanish, the exact place and date where I saw it… yes, I was such a person at that time, always eager to draw and document everything! It makes me smile today, but somehow I like that person I was, perhaps even better than the lazy actual one…

Not only the birds were in search of food in the waters there. There were anglers everywhere, alone or in small groups, and the sight of them was always inspiring to me. Plus, they hardly moved: the perfect subject!

Albufeira de Valencia 13 - Watercolour and ink, by Miki

I will stop here for now, but this week there will be some more blog posts about the Albufera as I have got many lovely  sketches from that trip. And then, on Sunday, we leave again, for a six weeks painting and musical adventure… the destination will be announced only shortly before, so that fans haven’t got the time to prepare an assault in the airports!  🙂

As usual, these artworks are available directly online as Giclee print in many different dimensions, on paper or canvas, and also as greeting cards. Just click on the widget below to access my FAA Gallery

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