Restaurant Life in Ayia Napa, Cyprus

11th 0f March 2012, here we go.

Destination: Cyprus

I had never been in Cyprus before, and neither had I any idea where it was. I just knew that it was an island, but not even knowing that it was a Mediterranean island! Well, I am not to blame really, we have so many islands in our sea, one surely  cannot expect me to know them all!

First visit in Cyprus:  Ayia Napa, on the south-East coast. Check the map below if you are as ignorant as myself.

Ayia Napa, Cyprus

We chose Ayia Napa  because Kevin has an English friend living in the neighbourhood there, a musician and music producer with whom he toured the USA many years ago with the Punk band The Gonads. I had seen photos from Ayia Napa on the net, and I didn’t expect much really, at least not from the artistic point of view. It looked to me like a boring town, and from what I had read, a place where people go to party and get drunk in the dozens of “infamous” night clubs. So, nothing for me really, at least not nowadays… 🙂

But as we walked through the town, I was quite pleased and charmed by all the colours and fun which emanate from all the businesses, the shops, the cafés, the restaurants, the infamous night clubs even. They did inspire me artistically, even if the result is only “silly” sketches, stuff which art critics surely wouldn’t qualify as “art”. But what do I care really? It was simply exciting! The restaurants in particular didn’t try to get tourists in by having ugly annoying guys pouncing on them on the pavement, as we often see in tourist places. Look at “Moo Moo” for example

Welcome to Cyprus 01 - Watercolour and ink travel sketch, by Miki

Isn’t she delightful, this blue cow inviting one to carefully step in, with her fish and flowers and sea plant tattoos all over her cute little body? Who could ever resist? Well, to be honest, we did resist entering the place, as I don’t eat beef, but I certainly couldn’t resist immortalizing the Moo Moo Cow!

And then there was that delightful Mexican restaurant…

Welcome to Cyprus 03 - Watercolour and ink travel sketch, by Miki

I am not sure if it was open to normal human guests though, as I only saw cows eating there. Might be a result of the economical crisis? Or was it in fact an inverse thing, something like cows eating Mexican people? Don’t laugh, this could happen, you know. Haven’t you seen all these fish doctors around the world nowadays advertising their services with the slogan:

“Now you are the Fish Food!”

and apparently, judging by their faces, people love to be eaten by fishes!

Welcome to Cyprus 05 - Watercolour and ink travel sketch, by Miki

And then came “Senior Frog’s”, with that cute frog surfing on the top of his fed-up car.

Kevin too was fed-up. As a specialist in Spanish language he said

“They can’t even spell señor!”

I personally don’t care about spelling, I just found the whole scene very nice, probably appealing to my childish and kitschy soul. yes, I can’t help it. I like kitsch sometimes. And I like to paint kitsch. Probably because I hate serious art!

I checked the net in the meanwhile, and found out that “Señor Frog’s” is a well-known chain, even having its own Wikipedia entry

Señor Frog’s is a Mexican-theme franchised “infamous party scene” bar and grill in tourist destinations throughout Mexico, the Caribbean, South America, and the United States. You go to Señor Frog’s when you’re on vacation, if you want to get crazy and nobody knows you…”

I am wondering now… As far as I know now, Ayia Napa is neither in Mexico nor the Caribbean nor South America nor the United States. So, it might well be that Senior Frog’s was a kind of fake and  the wrong spelling was intended, to avoid problems… you see, Kev Moore, you might have been a little bit hasty with your accusations  🙂

All in all I would day, the Ayia Napians love to have animals representing their food business. I wonder if one should see a deeper meaning in it…

Next post will be about the infamous night life in Ayia Napa…so be prepared to get off your head!

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3 Responses to “Restaurant Life in Ayia Napa, Cyprus”

  1. pierrephilemon Says:

    Happy to see you again and thanks to make us traveling with these so colored “silly” sketches ! 😉

  2. Night Life in Ayia Napa, Cyprus « Infinity + some + 2 Says:

    […] I started my Cyprus paintings series yesterday with the restaurant life in Ayia Napa, and announced the chapter about its “infamous night life”. If you missed it, and also want to know where Ayia Napa and perhaps even Cyprus are, here it is. […]

  3. Jar Of Salt Says:

    I’m loving the style, the humor and the colors 🙂

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