Night Life in Ayia Napa, Cyprus

The Strippers of Ayia Napa - Watercolour and ink travel sketch, by Miki

I started my Cyprus paintings series yesterday with the restaurant life in Ayia Napa, and announced the chapter about its “infamous night life”. If you missed it, and also want to know where Ayia Napa and perhaps even Cyprus are, here it is.

I won’t pretend here that I really experienced the night life in Ayia Napa. To start with, nights, I have better things to do at home than to go out… Well, to be honest there was a time in my life when I loved to spend my nights in night clubs, flirting and partying and dancing until daybreak. I still love to dance myself to exhaustion, but I don’t like the night clubs any more, and anyway I don’t have time and energy for hangovers. And more than anything, I have at home the best guy in the world – BY FAR!  🙂 – , so really no need , thanks.

But Ayia Napa is well-known for its “infamous” night life, and when we walked through the town in the daylight, I could not help but get excited by all the night clubs there, and their incredible façades. I must admit that they did look like a lot of fun! So I  guess the people have a great time there, and the fame of Ayia Napa’s nights is probably well-justified, even the “infamous” part of it!

The first night club I saw was Toga Toga, a strip club on the main road. It was about midday and the place was closed at that time of the day, but an indiscreet glance inside  revealed to me a delightful scene: three of the strippers -at least I guess they were strippers, wearing only a red thong on their naked bodies…- were sitting on the stone lip of a little round pool, immersed in deep philosophical discussions about the world, which was floating as a big air balloon in the middle of the pool. Truly an interesting insight into the soul of a strip club, I would say!

Night Clubs in Ayia Napa - Watercolour and ink travel sketch, by Miki

The sketch above is a kind of pot-pourri of some of the other night clubs I saw walking through the upper part of the town. “Nightmare”, “Bar Code”, “Teasers bar”, just a few among the many attractive buildings. I wished I could paint them all, as usual to make a choice is painful for me as an artist. For that sketch I chose some of the ones which matched in colours, mainly red, white and black. I must say that many of these façades were very attractive and quite artistic, a real feast for my eyes.

I am including here a sketch of a cemetery in Ayia Napa. I guess it is not classed as being part of the night life scene, but something in it tells me that exciting things are going on there at night… from black magic to gambling, and everything in between seems to take place there!

Cemetery in Ayia Napa - Watercolour and ink travel sketch, by Miki

When I travel abroad, I always try to visit some cemeteries. For me they are immensely interesting, telling big stories about the soul of a country. If it was only me, I would paint ALL cemeteries I visit, but suppose that too many people would think I am weird and necromantic. Well, I am weird, but not necromantic, I am not attracted at all by anything touching death, on the contrary, it scares me like hell. But cemeteries tell stories about life, not about death.. at least that’s what I feel!

This will do for now. Perhaps one day one of the Ayia Napa clubbers will tell me what is going on inside these wonderful buildings,  it would really interest me!

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