When The Saints go marching in Ayia Napa

There were not only restaurants, night bars and strip clubs in Ayia Napa, there was also a beautiful main square with an impressive church and monastery. Unfortunately I was not tuned into serious stuff, so I missed that occasion to paint the religious side of Ayia Napa. Not totally though…  even in these sacred places, one guessed there was some playful soul at work: was it God or the Devil? I don’t know, but  at the monastery, which was just being restored, somebody had placed 2 of the saints statues, outside, high on a walkway overlooking the monastery patio …by the way.. Kevin says it was actually Mary and Jesus, but I hadn’t got my glasses on, so Saints they must be! They were both wearing bright red togas and were so huge, so even if it was hard to recognize them, it was impossible to miss them! It was really an incredibly funny sight as the two saints did look as if they had come out of the church to supervise the restoration works! I could not resist making a very fast sketch of them, but sorry, it is not a good one: I really hurried up, scared that my saints may raise some objections…  🙂

Saints in Ayia Napa - Watercolour and ink sketch, by Miki

My fantasy didn’t need more food to imagine these saints coming to life again and having a walk through the gardens  of the monastery… I wished this would be real, these places would be much more fun… although who knows? there might be saints already walking around there, incognito, more discreetly probably, not wearing red togas…

Monastery in Ayia Napa - Watercolour and ink sketch, by Miki

At some point in one of my painting trips, I started a series called “Street Musicians”, I think it was in Memphis, USA, with the fantastic Big Jerry. the best motif ever! Anyway,  I hoped to see some street musicians in Ayia Napa too, but I didn’t. What I did see was some cute little sculptures of musicians in a souvenir shop, so I took these instead and painted them in the street. I know, it is cheating, but if the saints’ statues get a life in Ayia Napa, why not the shop musicians? And anyway, as I always say: I have all the artistic freedom in the world!

Street Musicians In Ayia Napa - Watercolour and ink travel sketch, by Miki

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2 Responses to “When The Saints go marching in Ayia Napa”

  1. xandimusic Says:

    Oh, looks amazing, great arts!!!

  2. Jar Of Salt Says:

    These are beautiful!

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