Street Life in Nicosia 02

Street Life in Nicosia – Watercolour and ink travel sketch, by Miki

I had promised a second part of the Street Life in Nicosia, so here it is. But forgive me please, I have not much time nor the nerves for written words today, I need to keep most of them for football and politics. Football, because the game Man City v Newcastle is about to start, and for many reasons I absolutely need the Newcastle Magpies to win. I will follow it simultaneously to making this post, so don’t be surprised if some terrible screams suddenly pierce the silence of the internet 🙂

And politics because right now in France they are electing our new President. I am not a political person at all, but today I feel very nervous about it, having somehow the feeling the result might be very important, perhaps more important than ever…

Cypriot Beauty 01 –  Watercolour and ink travel sketch, by Miki

I saw these Cypriot beauties in the main shopping streets if Nicosia. It is quite amusing to find that as soon as you cross the border between the two Nicosias, you enter a street full of shops selling all the well-known labels of the world for peanuts. Difficult to resist even when one knows that they are fake! … well, these beautiful women fronting the shops surely helped us to buy some sexy Adidas pants for my guy!

Cypriot Beauty 02 – Watercolour and ink travel sketch, by Miki

I was glad though that this golden girl from the shop above didn’t have mugs that appealed to us… we only had very little room in our luggage and  had to be disciplined.. we usually bring dozens of mugs back from our trips, it’s really total addiction!

And then I had the chance to see a street musician. After about a week in Cyprus, he was the first I saw. For some obscure reason he picked me from among the crowd and gave me a little private concert. Well, concert is perhaps too fine a term… he put his guitar in his hands, acted very professionally,  but no sound came forth… no wonder I guess, he had an electric guitar and didn’t carry an amp around. I was quite sure that he would want some money from me. Well, some people pay for silence: I don’t! I just took a quick photo and walked away. Not without feeling a little bit guilty though, the guy might have deserved some coins only for his great appearance…

Street Musician in Nicosia –  Watercolour and ink travel sketch, by Miki

and who knows, perhaps there is a law in Cyprus which forbids street music? Now the more I think about my behaviour, the more ashamed I feel! It is not always easy to behave well as a tourist: in some countries one gets assaulted by the locals who think one is loaded with money… and to be honest, compared with them, we probably are. But I personally hate to feel milked like a bloody cow, so as soon as I suspect a milkman is coming, I run away!

And as I mentioned it in another post about Cyprus, the cats are always present, wherever one looks!

Cats in Nicosia – Watercolour and ink travel sketch, by Miki

And before we crossed the border in the other direction, we had the usual coffee break. We had seen a cafe where they served the lattes in lovely glass mugs, for us certainly THE reason to enter the place. Well, the mug was great but the latte was average, the servers were nice but the prices were incredibly high! I made a sketch of the mug, “Occupied Latte”, including the menu, exactly as it was written…

Occupied Latte in Nicosia – by Miki

I was thinking, these people, they pretend to have a posh place, but they only have posh prices, and they can’t even spell such an internationally well-known word as chicken! In fact I was quite fed-up, having again the impression to have been milked…

By the way, this sketch is the beginning of a series of “travel mugs” we had in Cyprus and Crete. By that I mean that I started a series featuring our coffee breaks, a good complement to my anyway beloved coffee mugs series. For us, these coffee breaks are often the highlight of our holidays, and most of the time we have quite sweet memories connected to them… the paintings keep them alive for ever!

The paintings above are available directly online as Giclee print in many different dimensions, on paper or canvas, and also as greeting cards. Just click on the widgets below

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First update: Man City won! F..K!

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