Living among Gods in Paphos

The Three Muses from Paphos – watercolour painting by Miki

From the capital Nicosia (you can see many paintings of it in previous posts in this blog) our journey through Cyprus brought us to Paphos, after a whole day’s drive through the mountains and the visiting of many exciting places.

I had booked a crazy hotel for 2 nights in Paphos. I had initially thought that the photos I had seen on their website were lying, that the hotel could not really be like they showed it. And yet, it was exactly like that, and in fact even crazier! Built on a beautifully preserved archaeological site, with millions of statues and wall paintings featuring scenes from Greek mythology everywhere, it was feast for the eyes. Really the ideal place where to stay when you visit Paphos, giving you the feeling to live among the ancient Gods! To live… and to die, as we visited many tombs not far from the hotel!

 I did some paintings in very impressionist and antique style, while we were staying there, more or less directly inspired by the hotel wall paintings..

The Three Strangers from Pathos –  watercolour painting by Miki

No much to tell about all these paintings though, as there is no story to them, they just appeared on the paper in memory of what I had seen in the hotel. The most exciting story I could tell about them is that they were all painted on an amazing table made out of out of lacquered wood and richly decorated with antique motifs. It was quite scary  to paint directly on that piece of art, as my style is wild and impatient and much colour always land everywhere… well, luckily the table surface was washable.

Child with Dog in Paphos – watercolour painting by Miki

Woman and Warrior in Paphos – watercolour painting by Miki

Bull and Man in Paphos – watercolour painting by Miki

Lovers in Paphos – watercolour painting by Miki

This last painting was not inspired by a wall painting in Paphos, but by a statue I saw somewhere on the top of a mountain high above a monastery. And the statue didn’t even feature lovers and birds, but… Just Kevin had lay down on the statue, for a joke, and this is where the painting comes from. In fact, the complete work was a huge statue of what looked like a bird on the mountain-top but I suspect was meant to represent the angel Gabriel, and the prone statue some 30 feet below, perhaps a reclining woman, but we weren’t sure! Far fetched you would say, but this is just how my creative brain works!

The paintings above are available directly online as Giclee print in many different dimensions, on paper or canvas, and also as greeting cards. Just click on the widgets below

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Art Prints

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