My Dear Old People in Cyprus 02

I’ve already published some paintings from old people in Cyprus, about 10 days ago, all the motifs featuring old people from the Turkish-occupied part of the capital Nicosia.

Today you will see here old people from the other part of Nicosia, but also from other places in Cyprus.

Let us start with that lonely old man that I saw in the Starbucks Café in Nicosia.

Old and Lonely in Cyprus 04 – Watercolour and ink travel sketch by Miki

The walls were decorated in a very original, happy and funny way, strongly contrasting with the the loneliness and sadness of the old man sitting there. I don’t want to make bad advertising for the Starbucks company here, so I have to mention that the Café was far from as empty as it seems on my painting. I just needed the empty space and chairs around the old man to emphasize the impression of loneliness.It was in fact a great atmosphere in the Starbucks Café in Nicosia, full of young people with laptops, iphones, ipads, etc… obviously not suffering under the economic crisis! It always amazes me how all these people can buy these expensive electronic devices, and can even treat themselves to a coffee at Starbucks: they are really not cheap! Anyway,  As I arrived there I was exhausted and freezing, we had walked a long way in the cold. A big mug of hot chocolate and a fantastic cheese pie totally gave me my energy back. In that instant I really loved Starbucks and was happy to pay their prices!!! We were tempted to buy the City collection mugs from Cyprus, but somehow I found it too expensive and above all, we had not much room to take mugs back and with still 5 weeks holidays to go, I wanted to buy only the  best… but Kevin could not resist and bought another Starbucks mug, which I would paint later on… and also sometime later, In Limassol, we could not resist and decided to buy the Cyprus Starbucks mug anyway! Which is when I decided that I would make paintings of all our Starbucks mugs… one never knows, the company might be interested! They’d better be, because Kevin always want to have a coffee there, and he always chooses the most expensive one full of fancy stuff, and normally something sophisticated to eat too.  I do want to get our money back from them somehow!  🙂

Anyway, let us leave Starbucks for now and try to go for a coke!

The following painting is a little piece of artistic cheating though…

Old and Lonely in Cyprus 03 – Watercolour and ink travel sketch by Miki

We were walking from our hotel in Nicosia to the centre of the town where the Starbucks Café mentioned above was. On our way, I saw this closed Coca-Cola place with the arrow pointing to a kiosk, and I found it quite inspiring as such. Some metres farther away I saw a statue of an old man, I forget who he was. But he did look quite bored and fed-up. He was sitting in an armchair next to an abandoned desolate place advertised as “The Garden Cafe – In The Heart of the City”… obviously that heart was not beating there anymore! Anyway it did not take long for my brain to have the old man sitting in the empty Coca ColaCafé and being fed-up at not getting his Coca-Cola there, too tired to walk to the open kiosk…

I saw the following scene the next day, when we crossed back over the border from the other part of Nicosia.

Together old in Cyprus 02 – Watercolour and ink travel sketch by Miki

the scene was exactly like that, this time I didn’t cheat.. or not much at least! The ram was in fact… a statue! But both man and ram seemed as if they had been sitting together there all their life. And even the animal being “only” a statue, the motif was very touching for me.

I think that’s about it for old people from Nicosia. I regret not having seen more old women though… I don’t know if it was me, or if they were indeed not out in the street. There are some countries where old women stay at home, Cyprus might be one of them. I always get the feeling they stay hidden, kind of ashamed of being old… an extremely sad thing to me.

Together old in Cyprus 07 – Watercolour painting by Miki

I saw these two old men inside a private farmhouse yard in a small village not too far from Nicosia, but I don’t remember where exactly. The gate to the street was open and I had a glance inside, only curious to see how in Cyprus a farmhouse looks like from inside. What I saw was so striking… I don’t know what had happened, but these two men were obviously distressed. At least they were together to share their pain… I probably shouldn’t have painted this motif, it is quite indiscreet. And yet, I could not resist, there is such a depth and inner beauty in their suffering.

Together old in Cyprus 08 – Watercolour and ink travel sketch by Miki

Nice to share a cup of coffee with your old mate, isn’t it?  🙂

And to finish, along a road somewhere on our way from Nicosia to Paphos, I saw these two old people walking “together”. Together in some countries means: the man in front, the woman behind!

A motif for the gods!

Together Old in Cyprus 04 – Mixed technique by Miki

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