Le Tour de France 2012

Le Tour de France 11 – by Miki

After the 10 artworks series of the Tour de France 2011 I did last year, I thought I was done with it. But well, this weekend, for the first time since the 2012 tour started, I had time to follow the stages and suddenly, again, I felt the urge to do some artworks. Really, the scenes are incredible! I am always fascinated by all these images of the tour, the effort on the cyclist faces, the body movements, the speed, the colours, the landscapes in the background. I just can’t resist, it has to be painted, again and again!

I started in the same style as last year, with bold colours and thick black ink lines for the main outlines, emphasizing the idea of movement. But I could not go on with that style, I got bored. I had done too many paintings in this style previously, not only sports but also music themes. As usual in such cases, I abandoned the old style and let my intuition work, and look, as if by magic,  another style developed naturally! And this is exactly how I love to do art, intuitively, naturally, without any kind of technical and psychological preparations and thoughts. And above all: fast, to avoid me getting bored before I have finished the artwork!  🙂

Le Tour de France 12 – by Miki

Perhaps more impressionist, less defined, however you want to call it. Anyway that guy in his red outfit and fluorescent lime yellow shoes especially impressed and inspired me. He was not alone as I saw him, some others were fighting with him for the lead, but somehow I fancied painting him as a lonesome rider, probably because this is the way how I feel right now: working and working and working, seeing no end and having forgotten where and when and why it started, nobody in sight, fighting alone in an empty universe. Of course I am not alone, but sometimes the fight itself is perceived that way. Probably I should not fight at all and just go with the flow. But on the other hand, if I was not fighting, I would get nothing done and my life would degenerate into chaos!!! There is even a law in thermodynamics stating that fact, so, you know, better keep fighting! 🙂

Le Tour de France 13 – by Miki

But back to my red cyclist now. The red colour was so strong and dominating in my perception of the scene that I could hardly put any more colours next to it, they just killed each other, and more importantly, they killed the red. This is why I chose a mostly black, grey and white colouration for the left upper side,  gradually moving into the red, with some lime yellow for the amazing shoes the guy was wearing.

The result looks to me as though HE is bringing the colours to life. Interesting, I think.

These paintings are available directly online as Giclee prints in many different dimensions, on paper or canvas, and also as greeting cards. Just click on the images themselves or on the widgets below to access my FAA Gallery

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One Response to “Le Tour de France 2012”

  1. Susan Cornelis Says:

    Love this style for all the motion in it!

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