My Guitar Heroes

Guitar Hero Jimi Hendrix – by Miki

One week ago I announced the launching of my new artist website, The site is in its early days though, presenting only selections of my paintings and series. I will gradually add more and more paintings, trying to build up a complete repertoire of my artwork. Probably an impossible task considering the quantity of paintings I have! And I am speaking only about the last 8 years , as everything before has become lost, left behind, given away, torn up, cooked, eaten, etc…

Anyway I have started completing the music collection, as it is one of my favourite painting themes. But before I can do it , I first need some kind of musician classification to create sub-galleries from the main gallery “Painting The Music”. I have decided that one of them would be called “Guitar Heroes”, in which I plan to publish all kind of guys and girls on the guitar.

Poor naive me :  This morning I had an awful discussion with my partner the English rocker Kev Moore. He said:

“Guitar heroes is an appelation controlee, you can’t call any random guitarist a Guitar Hero!”

” Why not? For me any guy or girl playing the guitar beautifully or looking great holding the guitar is a guitar hero!”

You are so wrong! A guitar hero means an internationally acclaimed and worshipped personality on the electric guitar, to whom every fan and guitarist looks up to!”

Me wrong? He usually says that I was born right! You can see why rock was called the devil’s music!

“Only electric guitar? You mean, I can’t put Tal Wilkenfeld under Guitar Heroes?

“Of course not, she plays bass!”

“But a bass guitar is a guitar and she is a virtuoso on it! She must be a guitar hero!”

“No way!!! But you can put Jennifer Batten there…”

At least the great Jennifer! She found my painting of her on the net once, left a beautiful comment and went and bought it straight away! But coming back to our discussion: at that point I started feeling such impatience, and frustration and injustice growing inside of me. I have some great artworks of people playing guitar and I had the feeling none of them would be allowed in the guitar heroes category.

Guitar Hero Joe Bonamassa – by Miki

“But Joe Bonamassa is one, isn’t he?”

“Yes, HE is one, of course!”

“And not Glenn Hughes?”

“No, he plays the bass!”

At that point I had had enough. By mentioning Glenn Hughes, I thought I would get him with a sucker punch, as he is his favourite musician. I thought he would become weak and let him through. But no, not one second of doubt: not even Glenn Hughes qualifies as a Guitar Hero! I was deeply shocked. “F…k” them all with their definitions!

But I did not want to renounce to the phrase Guitar Heroes as it sounds so great, so romantic and exactly describes my guitarists.

“Well, I will call the gallery “My Guitar Heroes” then!”

He was obviously not very impressed by that clever idea, and had not even a smile for me. Kev Moore not smiling at me, this was serious. He simply looked at me with an almost imperceptible expression of disdain saying: how dare she????

But he had had enough too, so he said:

“If you need to… but be prepared to get some hassle there!”

This was definitely enough. I was ready for a big rebellion.

” Leave me alone now, I call my galleries however I want!”

and I went away, furious. I went to my computer, created the sub-gallery “Guitar Heroes” – without the “my” well noted – and put in it all the beautiful guitarists I had painted. And among them, the most beautiful one of course: Kev Moore!

I thought with a deep pleasure how angry, or let us better say embarrassed, he would be to see himself among people like Joe Bonamassa, Jimi Hendrix, Jennifer Batten, Steve Stevens, Jeff Beck, etc. and on top of it with a bass guitar in the hands!!! God, I loved that revenge against the definitions, very rock ‘n’ roll indeed!!!!

My guitar hero Kev Moore  – By Miki

Later on, I showed Kevin my new gallery, already ‘live’ out there on the net. He was gracious enough not to say one word but his face spoke volumes of shame and blame!

But you know what: I don’t care! Kevin is a beautiful guitar hero to me. To many others certainly too as many strangers take loads of photos of him while he is on stage out there. So, if you want to give me his predicted hassle now, do it, I have no fear! I will be delighted to discuss the subject with you.

These paintings are available directly online as Giclee prints in many different dimensions, on paper or canvas, and also as greeting cards. Just click on the images themselves or on the widgets below to access my FAA Gallery.

Sell Art Online
Sell Art Online

Only Kevin is not for sale at the moment, but if you insist, I will put him on the market. But don’t think twice, ladies out there, only his image: the real guy is not for sale!

PS: I have  a little confession to make here. Before I put the gallery online, I did have a tiny little hesitation and went checking out Google guitar heroes. The first thing I found was an Australian site called guitar heroes, featuring many guitarists whom I had never heard of. This was enough to get my green light!




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