Oly, The Olympics Turtle

After I paid homage to the victory of the Ferrari team at the Formula 1 German Grand Prix from  Hockenheim this weekend by giving birth to The Ferrari Turtle,  I thought it was time to do the same with the Olympics. Shame on me really, me who loves sport so much and has a big body of sport artworks, I didn’t even make one painting celebrating the games in London so far! Ah well, probably because everybody else has, and I don’t like to go with the stream…

So here we go. Tonight I could not sleep any more after awakening from a weird dream. I was in a giant castle, with hundred of rooms, and in each room were sitting giant people in Renaissance theatre costumes awaiting me to paint their portraits. But before that I had to paint first the portraits on their own faces, and when they were finished, they had to look at themselves in the mirror, and say if they liked it. Then I would have to reproduce it on big canvasses.  I had only a short time to paint all these portraits and I was running from room to room, trying to optimize the process. Hundred people were following me everywhere, eager to see me painting these portraits, and my stress increased accordingly, a real nightmare! Anyway I woke up when the tension became too strong, happy to have escaped but totally awake. It was 4 AM. My brain was again in turbo mode, thinking about all kinds of things and projects. And among them, a new turtle started to haunt my brain, until I could not think of anything else and had to get up to paint her

Let me introduce you to:

“Oly”, the Olympics Turtle!

Oly, The Olympics Turtle – By Miki

The little beast could not wait until the morning, she had to come out in the middle of the night! She said she was a little bit late already and was not sure if she was going to make it for the Games Opening ceremony on Friday!

She should probably have put the Ferrari gear on, but I guess the rules don’t allow you to carry the Olympics torch on wheels…


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