Le Tour de France in Tucson, Arizona, USA

I know, the Tour de France is finished. And yet, not totally … Somewhere else in the world the Tour de France is racing

The place: Tucson, Arizona, USA.

And how did this happen you ask? Well, thanks to my magic wand of course! My magic wand in this case being… my brush!

Le Tour de France 02 – by Miki

The painting above has been chosen for a big ad for the Tucson lawyer firm Velolaw

“… Scott Biaggi and Kurt Kroese have been riding and racing with you for well over a decade.  Both are trial lawyers with over 25 years combined experience in personal injury law.  Scott and Kurt practice throughout the State of Arizona and are admitted in state and federal courts.  Past clients range from professional and world-champion cyclists and triathletes to kids on BMX bikes, runners, and bicycle commuters...”

I would advise you to read the philosophy of this firm, it is REALLY convincing and honest, and worth the two minutes of reading. Totally opposite to all my experiences with lawyers, which is one of the reasons why I was happy to be part of it with my art, at least for the time that the ad runs.

“…  it will go to the St. Mary’s location first, which is the route to get to the mountains on the west side of Tucson.  After a few weeks there, it goes to the eastside of Tucson on Tanque Verde, which is the route to get to Mt. Lemmon – a very popular cycling area.  I will send you a pic. …”

The artwork needed to be altered to fit the requirements of the ad, approximately 4 feet x 6 feet. In fact a vertical format, contrary to the very horizontal format of  the original painting. But I managed to digitally alter the original artwork in a way which still works beautifully. Here is the result:

I would like to thank Kurt Kroese, with whom I was in contact all the time about this project, for his kindness and courtesy. I am dealing with people all around the world who want to use my art work, but I must say that Kurt was certainly one of the nicest. Well, this confirms my theory that sportsmen are the best people in the world. And obviously Kurt is a sportsman prior to being a lawyer. But the combination works wonderfully, I am sure he is great at what he does!

And as he promised, he did bike to the place where the ad is displayed and made a photo for me.

Mikis Cycling art in Tucson, Arizona – Photo by Kurt Kroese, from http://www.velolaw.com

If you are interested in buying a Giclee print of this painting, or indeed any of my sports paintings -a huge collection by the way, and currently working on an Olympics series!- it is available in many dimensions, on paper or canvas, in my shop online. Just click on the widget below.

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