Painting in The Pyrenees

So, we are back home, about 3 weeks after we left for a painting trip to France. Well, it was meant to be a painting trip, but for many different reasons, some of them personal, others professional or due to the weather, it became something else and there was not so much painting involved. Never mind, it was great to be away. Going away from home always refreshes my brain, heart and soul. And in this case even my body as we had to face some low temperatures after the extremely hot summer we just came from.

We started with our Boomobile (our 7 metres long atelier and music studio on wheels) from where we live, in Turre, Provincia de Almeria, Andalusia, Monday the 10th of September 2012. We drove directly to Benidorm, where we had a wonderful family reunion with my parents -who live there half of the year- and with my brother and his painter wife Isabelle -normally living in Paris-, and who were spending some holidays in the region. I hadn’t seen them for a while, and it was great to catch up with them, and once again to browse through the beautiful sketches Isabelle had made of the surrounding trees and mountains. I of course had no time to paint, but here is a painting of Benidorm I did some years ago when I was still living not far from there.

Everybody who knows Benidorm would say that it has no artistic attractiveness at all, being just a boring alignment of hundreds of skyscrapers, but I think I did quite a good job there with my gouache and painting knives!
On the 12th we hit the road very early, having on board my parents and their Pyrenean shepherd dog Maya. You might want to see how our passengers looked like, so here they are. First a double portrait of my parents, in pastel chalk and coloured pencils, painted about 10 years ago

And a watercolour portrait of the dog Maya, who really looks like the mountains where she comes from!

Our aim was to reach Tarbes, Hautes-Pyrénées, France, the same day. A long trip for a motorhome, about 800 kilometres, where we rarely do more than 200 kilometres a day, and often even less, simply enjoying to be out there and free. But we were in a hurry, having an appointment in Tarbes the next day. Tarbes is the main town of the High Pyrenees, and also the town were I was born, and where I spent the first years of my childhood. And the town where my parents now spend the other half of the year. The trip went without problems, the weather was still fine at that point, and we crossed the Pyrénées at the C0l du Pourtalet, this time without snow. As always I was amazed by the beauty of these mountains and surrounding landscapes, although I do prefer them covered with snow, as they were last time when we crossed them at the same place, early spring about 2 years ago. Somehow my artist soul always feels nostalgic when I go to the Pyrenees: I was too young as we moved away when I was a child, and had not yet developed sensitivity and fascination for the beauty of nature. What a waste!

We arrived in Tarbes early evening and as always I felt quite emotional to be there. Emotional, but also torn, in the sense that I have no idea if I should feel home there, or not.. somehow I do, mainly because my roots are there, and I have some second grade family still living in the region.

The time in Tarbes was filled with some appointments and other personal matters, and I had unfortunately no time to paint. Although the weather was not good at all, almost all the time. It is always amazing, when you live in something like a desert, which is more or less where we live, with very high temperatures many months of the year and hardly rain, to be suddenly immersed in rain and cold. And as always one forgets about it, and arrives there with no appropriate clothes!

Here is a sketch of Tarbes I did 2 years ago in Spring. It is probably not very representative of the town itself, but I liked the happy motive, a little house among blossoming trees and flowers behind the area where we were parked with our Boomobile.

So, that’s it for now. In my next trip post, I will write about our stay in Saint-Bertrand de Comminges and show of the paintings and sketches I managed to do there.

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