Painting in Saint Lizier

In my last entry in this diary I was writing about a painting day in Saint Girons, and how I bought a new bicycle there. Well, after the sale was concluded and the adjustments done on the bike, we rode to Saint Lizier, a famous little town very close to Saint Girons. So close that we probably would have been better served walking there, but I was so excited about the bike that I had to test it immediately. Also the sun was shining, at last, and there is nothing nicer than an easy bike ride under the sun!

Now, before I start with painting in Saint Lizier, let us see what the Wikipedia has to say about the history of this town:

“… Saint-Lizier has a rich history stretching back to pre Gallo-Roman times. In 72 BC, Pompey, returning from his triumphs in Spain against Sertorius, stopped here. He gathered together the ancient tribes of the area under the name Consorani. The ramparts seen today date from 3rd century AD and enclose the oppidum.

During the fifth century the citadel became an episcopal see, the oldest in the Ariège area. Its first bishop is thought to have been Saint Valier.

The town is named in honor of its 6th Century bishop Lycerius, canonized as Saint Lizier, a bishop who participated in the Council of Agde in 506…”

I am not a history fan me, so let us go back to the present and enjoy the sunny day there, riding along the river.

The main town though is built on a very steep hill, and no way I was willing to roll the bikes up there. We had to leave them at the bottom, after having secured them very safely to a street lamp – I certainly did not want my new bike to get stolen! We walked through the old town, then higher to The Bishop’s palace, built during the 17th century, overlooking the town and the cathedral of “Notre Dame de la Sède”.

Of Course, Kevin, who rarely shows any love towards the organised church, and especially towards their ministers, had to say:

“You know why the bishops built their palace on the highest part, even above the church, don’t you? It’s because they thought they were better than God!”

I could not help smiling… his rants against religion are always a true delight!

Anyway, here it is the view from the palace down to the cathedral… well, if I think about it, I am not sure this was the cathedral, but well, some kind of local important monument.

Whatever one might say about bishops and religion, the place was a beauty and I spent a really lovely time up there, walking around the palace and sketching. The nature was wonderful, the trees and flowers spectacular. There was even a restaurant there and Kevin, again, let his wit out:

“So typical of the French, to put a restaurant in a monastery!”

I don’t really know what it is between the English and the French, but they all seem not to miss an occasion to take the mickey out of each other! From the English, most of the time in a funny, humorous way, not far from the truth though…

On the way down we explored the centre of the town a little bit deeper and I made one more sketch of an interesting façade.

Of course there were plenty more delightful motives in Saint Lizier, but our time was short and we had to ride back home to the Boomobile, our atelier and music studio on wheels. On the way we stopped at a supermarket and bought a baguette and a “saucisson aux noix”, which I carried in my new bike basket… how cool was that!!!

If you want to know and see more about Saint Lizier, simply go to their home site. And yes, it is in English too!

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