Moroccan Woman Carrying Baby

I saw this Moroccan woman carrying her baby in December 2011, in a town called “Ait Ourir”, about 30 kilometres east of Marrakesh. She was standing, immobile, at the side of the road, and looked like a statue, like a Madonna even! The baby on her back, on the contrary, was quite agitated which provoked a quite spectacular contrast. Personally I was sitting in an internet space, on the other side of the road. I saw the woman by accident, as I just looked away from the computer screen to think about something. This is the moment when I saw her, and I was totally dazzled by the beauty of the scene. I quickly took my camera and without moving, made a photo from where I was.

By the way, when I say “woman carrying baby”, I am probably incorrect, at least partly: the woman seemed to carry 2 babies, one outside and one inside!

I always wanted to paint this scene, and well, I eventually did it, in watercolour. A US artist,  Lesa Weller, commented:

“…Miki, what a beautiful image! There is so much life and living in this piece. The background really compliments and brings out the subjects. Great job! f/v…”

This artwork featuring a Moroccan Woman Carrying Babies, as well as many other paintings from Morocco, is currently available as Giclee prints in different dimensions, on paper, canvas and metal, as well as greeting cards. Just click on the painting above to access my shop online.

The Giclee prints from the above mentioned Online shop are manufactured in the USA and sent directly to the client from there. For personal or financial reasons it might not be appropriate for everybody to order their prints in the USA. Also, you might prefer to purchase my Giclee prints hand-signed. If so, you can alternatively order directly from me. Simply contact me indicating in which size. Go to Goodaboom Boutique to see a guideline of pricing for different dimensions.

I also sell A3 posters (297mm x 420mm) as high quality digital prints on a Heavyweight White 350gsm paper, each packed in cello with card stiffener.

Poster Price: 50 euros.

They are a great alternative to the Giclee prints, to a more affordable price.

(the price does not include packing&shipping)

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    Hi, I really like your blog and your posts are always very inspiring to me. This is why I have nominated you for the Inspiring Blog Award. The follow link will explain.

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